• Well, I don't actually judge them that way....

    Posted by Charity, 8 years ago

    You know the old warning "never judge a book by its cover". Of course, that is generally used it regards to people. Basically it is about not making assumptions about people based on their looks. However, it seems pretty obvious that at some point it possibly did relate to books. So, don't judge a book by its cover....but don't we all make assumptions about books based on their covers? Looking for a suspense/thriller/horror? Try dark coloured covers. Chick Lit? Bright covers are your best bet. And most of the time we base whether we are going to read a book by the synopsis on the back (which quite often isn't written by the author). I once came across a book that looked cool on the front so I read the blurb on the back. It sounded cool, so I kept it in mind to get as soon as possible. The next time I had a chance I went back to find the book. The mass market version I had seen was no longer there, but there was a trade edition. Problem was, the blurb on the back of the trade version was completely different, and actually made me not want to read the book! And I personally almost always select books to read based on their covers and how they look. I recently started reading a book simply because of the cover, I knew nothing about the author or the book but the cover caught my eye and the blurb sounded interesting. Incidentally, I also recently stopped reading this book, because it wasn't living up to its cover. I often use the theory that if an author is cool enough to have a cover that appeals to me, then surely their writing will appeal to me as well. Of course there is a flaw in that logic, because in most cases, authors have absolutely no say in what their finished book looks like. I chose to ignore this bit of logic. So yes, I completely admit to selecting books by their covers, but I don't judge them by their covers (with the exception of serial romance titles....their covers read like a confession). I allow the writing inside to serve as the trial and I let the author to defend themselves with what they have created. So I admit to be "easily distracted by shiny objects" but I won't let a cover alter my opinion of a book once I have gotten past the cover.

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