I can wait for August.......

    Posted by Charity, 7 years ago

    I am a huge fan of Thomas Wharton. I first read his book "Salamander" when it was assigned for a course that eventually was cancelled. He really hooked me. I then read "The Logogryph" and throughly enjoyed that as well. Finally, when "Icefields" was nominated for the Canada Reads book I picked that up and enjoyed that as well. At some point I checked to see if there were any more titles by Wharton and discovered a book titled "Adenographia". Unfortunately this book is no longer available unless you purchase it in the Used and Rare site and the listings on there are anything but cheap. Out of desperation I even checked eBay in hopes of a better deal. Because really, who expects over $100 for a novel by a fairly obscure Canadian author? During my futile search for this amazingly scarce book it was announced that Wharton would be releasing a new title in August of this year. Finally I had something else to read by him, but I still wanted to read this other title.

    Today I renewed my search for the title but I went about it a little differently. I found out that Wharton's first book was "Icefields" followed by "Salamander" and then "The Logogryph". The book coming out in August is being touted as his fourth book. Hmmm, interesting. Where does "Adenographia" fall into the mix? Well, time to haul out the trust search engine, tap in "Adenographia, Thomas Wharton" and see what comes up.

    Well, it turns out that "Adenographia is not so much a novel as it is a Latin medical text that was translated in the mid 19th century by a British Thomas Wharton.

    Now, I will read pretty much anything, but a medical text? In Latin? I think I can wait until August to read another Thomas Wharton title. Unless of course there is a lovely publisher rep who would like to send me an ARC! Because hey, as it turns out, I have read everything published by THIS Thomas Wharton, that should qualify for something right?

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