Elizabeth Buchan

    Posted by Angel, 7 years ago

    If you are looking for something new, try these two novels from Elizabeth Buchan...

    What defines 'chick lit'?

    Posted by unknown, 7 years ago

    A blog was recommended in the Blogger Corner group called 'mediabistro' and I found an interesting article by a site contributor named Ron.

    The title was, 'Anna David: Chick Lit Is Never a Compliment'. Anna David discusses her feelings about being categorized as a chick lit author, and it raises an interesting question, 'what defines chick lit'?

    Here's the link to the article: www.mediabistro.com/galleycat/authors/anna_david_chick_lit_is_never_a_compliment_61976.asp

    wikipedia defines chick lit as:

    "Chick lit" is a term used to denote genre fiction written for and marketed to young women, especially single, working women in their twenties and thirties. The genre's creation was spurred on, if not exactly created, by Sue Townsend's Adrian Mole diaries which inspired Adele Lang's Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber: The Katya Livingston Chronicles in the mid-1990s.
    Chick lit features hip, stylish female protagonists, usually in their twenties and thirties, in urban settings (usually London or Manhattan), and follows their love lives and struggles for professional success (often in the publishing, advertising, public relations or fashion industry). The books usually feature an airy, irreverent tone and frank sexual themes.

    So then, is Anna David's book chick lit?

    "I wrote a book about the most important and profound experience I'd ever had, getting and staying sober."

  • Good in Bed: the sequel

    Posted by Anne Lee, 7 years ago

    Jennifer Weiner's tale of the life and loves of Cannie Shapiro won her a lot of devoted readers. And now she's back with a sequel to Good in Bed that is worth the wait. To be honest, there's a lot I don't remember about Good in Bed, but Certain Girls can be read on its own. It's hard to describe the book without including spoilers, but the narrative flips between Cannie and 13-year-old Joy as they deal with the complexities of parenthood, the embarrassment of reading about your mother's past sex life, and so much more. It's funny, sweet, touching -- everything you'd expect from Jennifer Weiner.

  • Book suggestions

    Posted by ChickLitAddict, 8 years ago

    So I'm going out of my mind lol. It seems I have run out of good chick lit books to read. Any suggestions?



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