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    Settlers of Catan Expansion Packs - making sense of it all

    Posted by Jenn P, 7 years ago

    There are some people that believe expansion packs are just an opportunistic cash grab by the publisher or the game developer. I must say that I am weary of expansions myself. Really when is the spin off ever better than the original? Rocky II, Spiderman 2, Police Academy 2 (tee hee)?... I don't think so! There are always exceptions, the Godfather 2 for example (in my humble opinion), I believe the Settlers expansions fit into this category.

    There are two types of expansions; the Game expansion and 5/6 player expansion. Both types require ownership of the original game “Settlers of Catan”.

    The two game expansions are Seafarers of Catan and Cities and Knights of Catan. Both of these add dimension to the game play and allow for two to four players. I have only played Seafarers of Catan, which (again) in my opinion only makes the original better. The expansion allows you to connect to other players via sea routes as well as by land. The game is much more robust with this added dimension.

    The 5/6 player expansions allow for more people to play. Four player games can sometimes be limiting with a large group of people. Let’s face it; it’s such a great game everyone wants to play. There are three player expansions; one for each game (Settlers of Catan, Seafarers of Catan and Cities and Knights of Catan). Each expansion requires ownership of the game or game expansions to play.

    If you haven’t already, give the expansions a shot. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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