Books into movies

    Posted by Marie-France Lemire, 5 years ago

    Hey everyone,
    okay so far the movies made based on JP books are: my sister's keeper, the tenth circle, A plain truth and the pact (forgvive me if i am missing one, those are the ones i have seen and know are based on the books). Are there any of her books you would like to see made into a movie? Also if you have scene any of the ones mentionned above and any other what did you think? I loved my sister's keeper, and a plain truth. Both i thought were very good to the story, to her writting, both close to the actual book(yes my sister's keeper ends differently but very close throughout). I did not like the pact movie,the book could not put it down, the movie, was just okay. I also was not a huge fan of the tenth circle. Maybe it is just something about her books, the writting maybe that makes them more enjoyable to read. Yet i would love to see Salem falls,19 minutes and perfect match made into movies, with the artfullness and precision of my sister's keeper and a plain truth.

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    the ending of house rules...

    Posted by Sara Enns, 5 years ago

    is anyone who has read house rules doesn't mind messaging me...i finished reading it last night and am having a head scratching moment about the end. would LOVE anyone else's thoughts. THANKS.

    Jodi talks to Indigo readers

    Posted by Fiction Editor, 6 years ago

    We've got a special greeting from Jodi to our Indigo shoppers as she introduces the book trailer to her latest novel, House Rules.

    • Jodi greets Indigo readers

    New Book

    Posted by Marie-France Lemire, 6 years ago

    Hey everyone, it`s been a while since a post but here is what`s going on. I have three books left on my Jodi Picoult reading list and just finished a good one (Vanishing Act). So if you have heard her new book debuts March 2 2010 and I am so very excited! Any thoughts, it deals with the very real reality of autism and how society view people with it. Also if you are not a member I highly recommend to check out her website where they have exclusive interviews and you can sign up to receive a Picult it`s an e-mail delivered to your inbox every so often you often get sneek peeks at books coming up, tour dates and locations and more fun stuff. Check out the website to read a chapter of her book coming out in 2011. A very different concept, something new and different. Here is the website, enjoy, please post about books your readting and your thoughts about the new book coming out soon, called 'House Rules'!

    My Sister's Keeper book Discussion

    Posted by Cathy B, 6 years ago

    Hey guys, I found this book discussion online and i thought i would share it with you guys. It does contain spoilers so if you haven't read My Sisters Keeper than i wouldn't recommend you reading the discussion. Feel Free to comment the answers, I would love to hear what you guys thought. See the questions here:

  • What to read Next

    Posted by Cathy B, 6 years ago

    Hey Guys, I am a new Fan of Jodi Picoult. My First read was Handle with Care and I Loved it, I just finished My Sister's Keeper, Now I am wondering what to read Next, I have a list of her books, but i thought i would ask you guys for some recommendations, Any Will Help. Thanks!!

  • My sisters keeper

    Posted by Marie-France Lemire, 6 years ago

    I saw the movie and cried the whole way trhough. I love it, even though i knew exactly what was happening and going on but still, even on the few funny parts i was laughing through my tears! It was a great movie, i highly recommend it. the ending was different but i think it works. I mean when i was reading the book i thought that would be the ending. I think the movie is just so full, there is so much stuff the book ending would have been too much i think. I kind of thought it was interesting sitting a room full of strangers and all of us crying and sobbing together! It was weird but i mean it was an amazing movie so much so that i am going to see it a second time with my female relatives, The first time i saw it i had to be alone, i had to go experience it alone but now I am glad to see it again and probably appreciate it a little more since i know now even more what to expect and well very good, on my opinion the best of the movie made from her books.

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