• Curious!

    Posted by Lex (Eyes on the Pages), 5 years ago

    Hey guys!

    I was just curious if anyone has read A Touch Mortal yet and if it's worth buying! :) I've picked it up a few times but I'm trying not to buy hardcovers for now unless it's an amazing book, which is turning out to be really hard :S Let me know, please. :)

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    Noah Boyd: The Bricklayer

    Posted by Blood Rose Books, 5 years ago

    Noah Boyd is a former FBI Agent who in his debut novel introduces the reader of what could happen if a criminal organization decided to Blackmail the FBI.

    The FBI are used to all sort of cases, they are the objective observer on many cases, famous or not around the United States; however, what would happen if the FBI was the target and had to solve their very own Blackmail case from a criminal organization that is promising and performing murder if payments are not made. It turns out not very well. After murders of an FBI agent, and some very high ranking and public officials who have publicly chastised the FBI, the FBI are not only looking bad to the public, but they are forced to take a different approach. Steve Vail is a former FBI agent who was fired for having "issues" with authority figures but Vail was known for getting the job done no matter what it took. His approach to things is just what the FBI needs, but can Vail be trusted, he is not the biggest fan of the FBI and being within the FBI would be the perfect place to exact his own revenge on them.

    As an FBI Agent, Boyd worked on some very famous cases including the Highland Park Strangler and the Green River Killer. This makes me appreciate his work in The Bricklayer, because he could have done something he is more familiar with by creating a serial killer thriller novel as he appears to have experience in this concept. Instead he goes for an mystery action adventure thriller. The book definitely starts out with Bang, with some murders, challenges, ransom notes and a bank robbery. I don't think that a reader could ask for a better opening, I know I was hooked from the beginning.

    Sorry but my Full review would not fit into the Character space allowed within Chapters Post space. So read my full review visit my book review website j9books.blogspot.com/

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  • Lurlene Mcdaniel

    Posted by book_lover26, 5 years ago

    Lurlene Mcdaniel is my most favourite author! she writes really inspirational stories! you must read her books! especially The Time Capsule! there is romance in it too! it is mainly for girls but guys should at least try it out! it will really touch your heart!!! ( :

  • L.J.Smith

    Posted by book_lover26, 5 years ago

    L.J.Smith is an awesome author who has a lot of interesting books! you might have heard about the hit show the vampire diaries! well you definetly read the books behind the series! it is awesome. there are also a lot of othere great books by the same author like: The Forbidden Game, The Secret Circle, The Night World series, Stefan's Diaries, The Vampire Diaries, etc. i have read The Forbidden Game and absolutely loved it! there are three parts to it and in my opinion the first part is the best! you may think differently, so you should definetly read it to find out! i have also read the Secret Circle and it was fantastic! it keeps your attention the whole time! i have not yet read all the books in the Night World series but i hear they are all awesome. i have only read three or four and i loved them right away. this is one of my favourite series! they are all different stories but are still connected in some way. next, is Stefan's diaries. this is pretty much like the Vampire Diaries but Stefan's side of the story. it also talks about his life before he became a vampire. you should read the Vampire Diaries first so that you understand it! thats about it! make sure to leave me your comments!!! ( :

  • Elizabeth Chandler

    Posted by book_lover26, 5 years ago

    Elizabeth is an awesome author and her books are too much for words. she has a lot of great hit books like: Dark Secrets 1, Dark Secrets 2, Kissed by an Angel, Evercrossed, The Back Door of Midnight, etc. they are all great and the endings are always surprising!!! ( :

    Hush Hush

    Posted by book_lover26, 5 years ago

    Hush Hush is a awesome book and a must read! looking at the cover you may think it is about angels and stuff like that, and it is, but they put a whole bunch of other stuff too! you will read it and love it! the sequel is Cresendo! i haven't read it yet but i definetly will!!! ( :

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