Gridlinked - Solid SF

    Posted by Bookmason, 5 years ago

    Loved this, going to get the rest of this series. He has at least 10 books for me to read

    Gridlinked is the first of the Ian Cormac Polity SF novels by Neal Asher. This is a brilliant first novel creating a fascinating universe that is just screaming out to be explored.

    This novel written in 2001 has been one I've looked for the last year or so and found in a Value Village in TO last month. This is the first in a series and I hope to read them all. Rare for me not to find a series at the start and I'm always waiting for the next to be published, but in this case I can go out and find the others and get caught up.

    I'm adding Asher to my must read SF English writers list of Iain Banks, Richard Morgan, Peter F.Hamilton and Alastair Reynolds.

    Silly Military SF

    Posted by Bookmason, 5 years ago

    For Weber and Military SF fans only

    Can't really explain why I bought this or why I liked it so much. It is total Military SF silliness, but so fast paced that you don't have time to think about the gaping holes in it. A crazy mix of Earth invasion, galactic politics and the most popular genre in recent fiction (think teeth) it all sort of works at least while you're reading it.

    Not for all tastes, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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