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    Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson

    Posted by Frank Furlano, 7 years ago

    This book is not strictly fantasy or science fiction, but it contains enough elements of the fantastic for me to mention it here.
    It is primarily about a burn victim (read: seriously burned) and the woman that helps him to recovery, but there is soooo much more to the story.
    There is much here that historical fantasy readers will absolutely love, this will also appeal to readers who like their gore; there are lots of visceral descriptions all through the novel.
    I have about 30 pages to go, so I will post a complete review on my profile when I am finished, in the meantime I suggest you go out and read it (and the author is Canadian! Win Win).

  • Terry Goodkind "Sword of Truth" series

    Posted by Frank Furlano, 7 years ago

    "Faith of the Fallen" (Sword of Truth book 6) cover painting

    Not sure how many of you have read Terry Goodkind's "Sword of Truth" series, but it is brilliant.
    This is a series I got into after visiting a used book store about 10 years ago (or more) and seeing this giant mass market edition of Wizard's First Rule (book 1) that caught my eye. It was the best couple of bucks I had ever spent. I flew through the book within 3 days, and went out to buy the second one.
    I have read through the series twice now and have been recently thinking about it as I gave book 1 and 2 to a friend of mine and she has fallen in love with the series as well.
    I will be honest though, and admit the series does slow down at around book 7 (of 11) but if you can get past that hump (which another friend of mine could not, and still hasn't) then you are in for a great conclusion.

    As I mentioned the series is 11 books long, with the last 3 a trilogy with a large overarching plotline to bring all the loose threads together.
    This would also be a timely opportunity to read the series as the first book is being made into a TV show, directed by Sam Raimi (Evil Dead Trilogy, Spiderman).
    The first season looks like it will be 22 episodes, and focus on Book 1: "Wizards First Rule", it should of begun filming this past May, not sure when it is expected to be ready.

    There is also some sad news as it looks like Terry Goodkind will be leaving this world alone for a bit and begin writing "regular" fiction (three books actually) for a new publisher that will be "contemporary thrillers set in an American city". This is disappointing, but I admit, I will most likely get a copy as I have come to look forward to a Terry Goodkind hardcover every year for the past 6 or 7 years. I just hope he can write a thriller as well as he can write heroic fantasy.

    For anyone who is interested Terry has a well maintained website that has all of the updates about his new books and the upcoming Wizard's First Rule" TV show:


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