• Have you watched Carnivale?

    Posted by Frank Furlano, 7 years ago

    I finally have gotten around to watching Carnivale. I know it has been cancelled but I had heard so many amazing things about it that I had to give it a try.
    It is brilliantly produced, and for anyone who has watched Deadwood or Rome will know, the production values were very high.
    The characters are very well imagined, with the focus placed on two main characters, Ben Hawkins an 18 year old nobody with strange abilities, and Brother Justin a charismatic, but frightening, evangelist.
    It takes place during the Great Depression era, and mostly follows a travelling carnival.
    The show ran for 2 seasons on HBO, and was cancelled much like Rome and Deadwood, I assume for similar reasons (financial).
    I have watched the first 3 episodes and look forward to watching the rest.

    Launch of And the Angels Sang

    Posted by Unknown User, 7 years ago

    -Message Deleted-

  • A Song of Ice and Fire

    Posted by Forgotten Realms Queen, 7 years ago

    I'm surprised this series hasn't made it up here yet. George RR Martin is in the middle of a fantastic series called a Song of Ice and Fire. I don't want to give too much away because I want people to read and judge for themselves, but it is the one series I recommended above all others to anyone who loves fantasy.

    It has a little bit of everything in it for everyone. Romance, betrayal, murder, mystery, characters you love, and love to hate, and the thing I love most about this series is that the characters can surprise you at every turn. Ones you hated redeem themselves, ones you liked show their true colors, and ones you love and think are going to last forever get killed off to bring in more characters and advance the storyline.

    The only downside I see to this series is that its a meta text, and the story unfolds from the viewpoints of a different person each chapter. But if you can get past that, this series is an absolute must have.

  • The Wheel of Time Series

    Posted by Janet Burgess, 7 years ago

    Are there any fans of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series here?

  • Not so much

    Posted by Frank Furlano, 7 years ago

    I agree that the new Dune series is not as well written as the originals, but that was inevitable. No one I know has read the KJA/BH books for their writing, but for their entertainment value, and the chance to fill in some holes in the Dune mythology.

    I don't find the scientific principles as wildly inconsistent with FH canon as you make it sound. It was a vastly different time period in the prequels, a period I am sure they had to be creative with, and KJA/BH did a good job of giving the readers some background on foldspace ships, no-zones among other scientific advancements.

    Also, I do not see in what way the prequels undermine the established ecology of Dune and Sandworm biology. In what way do you find this was done?
    I do recall the Earth issue, but I will have to go back and look at it more closey to see if there is actually an inconsistency there. FH did not spend an inordinate amount of time writing about earth or about the Orange Catholic Bible in the first place. Most of that history was fleshed out by KJA/BH.
    I would disagree about the character’s being flat caricatures of themselves at all. Many characters in the prequels are well developed, the introduction of Omnimus and Erasmus in the prequels were particularly interesting. And the idea of the Evermind itself, and the “evolution” of the robots was well developed. Duncan Idaho wasn’t as well developed in the prequels sure, but neither was he well developed in God Emperor of Dune (much more interesting in Heretics).

    The notes exist, they are owned by the Herbert Limited Partnership that owns the rights to Dune. KJA/BH are continually establishing new canon in the Dune universe, but the main tenets of the world hold true when you read the entire series straight through.

    After saying all that though, the expanded Dune novels will always be suspect, as they were not written by FH, and fair enough. This is why readers should take what they can from them, and if they are really concerned with the Dune canon, maybe should steer clear.
    This sounds very familiar to Star Wars fans arguing against the Expanded Universe (of which I am a fan). It should be seen as new people playing in the sandbox, and good on them, as I would do it if I was given the chance.

    New Dune is poorly written.

    Posted by Susan Stenson, 7 years ago

    Frank Furlano said:

    "I should also mention that all the books written by Frank's son Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson are very entertaining, and much easier to get into than the orignals. The writing is clean, with no weird POV shifts. They fill in the gaps that Frank never had a chance to write about. Very fast reads as well, considering some of them are fairly lengthy.
    That being said, I have not read their "conclusion" to the saga (Hunters and Sandworms of Dune) but I look forward ot reading them once I finish re-reading the originals (as apparently they are based on notes left by Frank Herbert)."

    I could not disagree more. KJA/BH's Dune books are juvenile, repetitious, wildly inconsistent with FH-established canon, and ignore basic scientific principles (both real-life issues such as the physics of space travel and the established ecology of Dune and sandworm biology).

    The characters are flat caricatures of themselves and sadly almost unrecognizable versions of FH's richly-detailed characters. Basic established in-series history itself is ignored; for instance, KJA/BH destroy Earth -- BEFORE Earth is the site where an important historical meeting takes place among those who write the Orange Catholic Bible (the book upon which the major tenets of that society are founded).

    The notes are controversial. Some Dune fans don't think they ever existed. Others believe that if they did exist, KJA/BH followed very little of them, if any. Certainly FH never intended the mysterious enemy at the end of "Chapterhouse" to be those in the Legends trilogy.

    As Duke Leto says in Dune: Sloppy.

  • Neil Gaiman: Another in the American Gods/Anansi Boys series?

    Posted by Jamie Nazaroff, 7 years ago

    I've heard a rumour there'll be a third book. Anyone hear this?

  • The Dune Saga

    Posted by Frank Furlano, 7 years ago

    "New" Dune saga

    I posted a while ago about how I was going to read through the Dune saga (the originals by Frank Herbert for the second time, the rest by Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson for the first time), and I am still reading.
    It took me a long time to get through the 4th book, God Emperor of Dune, as it was so different than the first three, but I am finally on to the 5th, Heretics of Dune.
    While the first 3 of Frank Herbert’s series focused on several different families and their rise and fall, plus the evolution of Dune (Arrakis), God Empower jumps 3000 years into the future and gives you (obviously) a whole different world and universe.
    Book 5, Heretics, jumps 1500 years further from book 4, which I don't think will be too hard to get into as readers are prepared for this by reading thorough God Emperor.
    Has anyone else found this about the series?

    Fun news though, Paul of Dune is coming out this week, the first in the Heroes of Dune trilogy, and it looks great. It takes place between Dune (1) and Dune Messiah (2) and will show how Paul Muad'Dib and his armies took over the galaxy, looking forward to it.

    They say trilogy but it looks like there are three more books coming out in the next couple of years:
    Jessica of Dune - similar time period as Paul of Dune
    Irulan of Dune - sequel to Dune Messiah (2)
    Leto of Dune - sequel to Children of Dune(3), takes place in that aforementioned 3000 year period.
    This info and other info can be found at the Dune blog:

    It’s an exciting time to be a Dune fan, and if you have never read the books start with Legends of Dune:
    The Butlerian Jihad
    The Machine Crusade
    The Battle of Corrin

    You won't be sorry...

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    Star Wars: Clone Wars

    Posted by Frank Furlano, 7 years ago

    Cover of the novelization of the movie.

    So I went out and watched the movie, and it was good...but not what I expected.
    This is a good thing I think, as the only way a world such as the one George Lucas built will survive is if it evolves.
    I hear that many hardcore fans did not like the movie, most likely because they were unable to cut and paste their idea of the Star Wars series onto it; this is not at all a classic Star Wars film, but a prologue for the television show.
    The show is starting this fall, and this movie was never meant to happen. They spliced together a couple of episodes, added some new scenes etc. but in the end it should be seen as taking Star Wars in the right direction.
    To be honest, this series has allowed me to like Anakin again; I really disliked Anakin in the prequel trilogy, as I found him totally opposite to what I saw Darth Vader being before his turn to the dark side.
    So my recommendation is to ignore the critics and haters and go in to the theatre get some popcorn and just enjoy it, leaving all preconceptions at the door.

    p.s. I wonder if the novelization is any good?

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      The Clone Wars

      What did you think of Star Wars: The Clone Wars?

    Book Trailer for Plague War

    Posted by Jessica Strider, 7 years ago

    Here's a trailer that will have you reaching for the book, it's for a post-apocalyptic novel... Need I say more?


    Aspirations Media Inc

    Posted by Jessica Strider, 7 years ago

    Last year at BEA I came across this small press. Recently I've been emailing one of their authors who has a fantasy trilogy out. I'm trying to get them into the WBB. Meanwhile, the author pointed out another fantasy book that's coming out from this publisher in a few weeks. They've got a booktrailor for it, which looks pretty interesting. Here it is, for those who want something new:


  • The Death Gate Novels by Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman

    Posted by Hollie Barrett, 7 years ago

    I am currently on book 4 of 7 (for the second time!) This series is amazing. A treat for all the fans of wizards, elves, dwarves, etc. The story is consistent throughout all 7 novels and is basicaly about 2 groups of humans called the Sartans and the Patryns. I cannot even do them ujustice by trying to describe them!! Look them up, you won't be disapointed!

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