• Calgary Book readers

    Posted by BuffyBot, 7 years ago

    I live in Calgary and although i do love going on here and chatting with people about the thing i love to do most, READING, I thought that it would be nice to maybe get together with other people in the area where we can openly talk about books and stuff like that, without having a character limit. I am not looking for a book club, per se, as i have enough homework as it is and for some reason if someone TELLS me to read a book, i just can't do it. Also, i am not looking for weekly meetings, as i am very busy, but just a once in a while, when we all have free time, type thing. I have looked a bit for such groups but none i see exist. I also do not know many people in the city and thought that this would be a great way to meet some who share similar interests. I have heard that some employees at some stores have something like this, so if one already exists please let me know. I was thinking just a meet at the starbucks or something like that. I do have a kid so it could also be like a playdate thingy at the thomas the train set for those of us who have kids and dont have anything to do with them when we want "adult time". Personally i get tired of talking to a kid all the time and adult talk is nice once in a while.
    SO... just wondered if there was anyone out there or if anyone has any suggestions for something like this. Thanks for your time in reading my rambling.

  • ????

    Posted by Ceri, 7 years ago

    Does anyone know if Swallowing Darkness was the last Merry Gentry book? I have looked on the web site but it doesn't say. Just wondering if anyone had heard anywhere else. The book was great but this is the first time i've finished one of the books and debated if there would be more??

  • Blue Bloods

    Posted by Vampire Lover, 7 years ago

    Well, the most recent Blue Bloods novel by Melissa de la Cruz is out (well actually its been out for awhile but hard to find) and I stumbled across this trailer for the series. For anyone who has no idea what the series is about I'll let the trailer explain though I must say the books are excellent and I can't wait for the next one.

    • Trailer

  • Labelling.... pros cons and what it all means.

    Posted by BuffyBot, 7 years ago

    So this topic was brought up in a different post but i thought that it diserves it's own post so i have given it that.

    Main points: Why is it that stores have to label books? A fiction book is either fantasy, sci-fi, romance, general, erotica..... And then there are subgroups within each of these: paranormal romance, historical romance, etc. Who is it that descides what a book should be labelled as and why do we insist on doing this? It has been brought up that the stores should be catagorized as fiction and non-fiction and then done by alpha-author within those broad catagories. Is this something that should be seriously imposed? (also the book cover colour system was mentioned, but then what do the colour-blind people do?) That way you can just go to the "fiction" and browse browse browse?

    It has also been brought up that often a book will cross over to many different genres, so does that warrent it's own label, can you have a furturistic black paranormal action erotic romance that has a mass murderer in it? (by the way i just want to give a shout out to the whole black gay ninja thing, it is brilliant). Or does the author/publisher (whoever does it) have to pick just one tiny label to put this book into. And what if the author has changed the main direction that the story is going into. Then does half the series belong in one section and the other half in the other? I am thinking of Laurel here, where her first few Anita books were more crime-solving and now they are mostly sex (this is just my views on this particular series as an example).

    And then my question has been what makes a book belong into a particular genre? What makes a romance a romance, a sci-fi a sci-fi and so on and so forth? I read alot of the paranormal romance books and i find that they do have a set formula for the books to the point where they all sound the same, just characters have different names. Is this good? Should all "paranormal romance" books BE the same and if you want something different you have to go to a whole different genre?

    Well I have ranted for a while and it is now your turn, lets have it!

  • L.A. Banks

    Posted by BuffyBot, 7 years ago

    So i started reading her vampire huntress series and thought that is was very aweful for many many reasons. I found that her actions scenes did not work in my head, it was like they were writen then edited to the pont where people appeared like on the floor or something and it was not mentioned that they fell. I also did not like the ending of a few. I also found the way it was written (the way they talked), was confusing and irritating. I also found that the characters were not developed very well. I had a hard time remembering who was who and stuff like that. I also didn't really like the whole 13 layers of hell or whatever it was (the world in general), i found it confusing, and not well explained. I only got upto "The Forbidden" and had to put it down as i was finding other things to do besides read it because i really didn't like it.
    My point? I see that she has started another series and i have actually bought both books. I was wondering if i should be doing this. Have you read them, were they very similar to her vampire huntress series, or is it different (some authors books are all very similar to each other to the point were you wonder if the characters were all the same person, while others are very different)? I am very anxious to know, please.... your thoughts? For those that did not like the vamp huntress legends, should we read these?

  • Recomendations??? Please help me!!!

    Posted by BuffyBot, 7 years ago

    So here is my problem. I have two of those surprise gift card things from chapters, so i basically have to spend 100$ there before christmas. My problem is that i do not know what to buy. It seems any books that i am missing they do not have in stock, and these cards have to be used in store.

    So what am i asking? What books should i buy? My rules: CAN NOT be trade paperback or Hardcover, they are just too expensive for what you get.

    I already read many, many, many people already so please feel free to check out my profile for books i already read condensed version: Butcher, Hamilton, Chance, Moning, Kenyon, Harrison, Harris, Armstrong, Arthur, Bardsley, Briggs, Caine, Davidson, Frank, Hendee, Huff, Ivy, McCray, Meyer, Rennison, Rice, Sparks, Viehl, Ward, Warren, Knight, Dodd, Galenorn, Petterson, Black, Gryphon, and Armintrout.

    I would appreciate any recomendations that you could help me with as i am always looking for new books anyways. I have already checked out a few of the books that have already been recomended previously (Howell, and Monk) but i noticed most are TPB, and most likely YA. I prefer adult as i feel YA are just not worth the price (less content for more money). Please oh please help me, thanx!!

  • If you Could Write...

    Posted by Rider Sir Karigan G'ladheon, 7 years ago

    Okay. My English teacher had us write a story a couple days ago and it got me thinking. Is there a story idea you want to really want read about but can't find?

  • Great, somewhat old, series.

    Posted by BuffyBot, 7 years ago

    This is a series that i read a while ago, and i loved it!!! It was somewhat different from what i ususally read and it was just fantastic. I loved all the characters and the world rules. I don't know what it is catagorized as since i am against labeling books, but maybe somewhat historical (main character a real person, although they are a vamp in here), maybe horror. I don't know, just read them and enjoy!!

  • Interesting series....Touch the Dark (Cassandra Palmer series)

    Posted by Anna Julienne, 7 years ago

    I am loving this novel (Touch the Dark, Book 1) so far. It has hot intense scenes as well as some rather terrifying moments. It's gorey but not in a too much detail extent (sort of like if CSI cut away when they were doing something extra gross).

    Cassie used to live on the streets then was looked after by Tony (whom reminds me of Marlon Brando in The Godfather at times). He's basically the head of the vampire mob. There's a lot of differences to the novel, it isn't traditional and uses a lot of historical fact...so much so that it's almost horror/alternate history. Lets just say there are appearances by some unconventional historical figures for a vampire/horror novel. A hint, one involves a mystic connected to a Russian royal family, another was a queen that was suicidal w a snake and another has a famous relative that is usually featured in vampire novels/legends. They are considered a sort of 'High Council" to quote the Dresden Files.

    Cassie has a 'gift' that lets her see ghosts and Tony's essentially turned her into a weapon since she's also gifted with precognitive thought. He profited off others misery and she's basically up for revenge against him.

    The novel is dark but not overly...just gritty at points, sarcastic and funny as hell at others. It mentions that one of the male characters used to be an escort but it was a rather small mention.

  • Have you Read a Banned Book?

    Posted by Rider Sir Karigan G'ladheon, 7 years ago

    See if you have read a banned book. The list is very... intersting Judy Blume anyone?

    Thanks Amy

    Posted by Glenys lister, 7 years ago

    I will definately have a look, thanks for the recomendation

  • Sexy Vampires

    Posted by Cindy L, 7 years ago

    Just thought I would let everyone know, that today on the MSN page you can vote for the sexiest movie and television Vamps. The link is battles.sympatico.msn.ca/Movies/StarsBattles.aspx?cateId=1120.

  • Another book I discovered and LOVED!

    Posted by JenP, 7 years ago

    So, this is the first book in a series recommended to me by one of my customers. I had the book for awhile but I just got around to reading it this weekend past. I'm sorry I waited so long to read it, it was fantastic! The story is about a girl/women conscripted to serve in the army as a cook/servant, ect. Let's just say it's not a great place to be a women. She is forced to serve food to a band of orcs who fight with the humans. At first she is afraid of them like everyone else but as she gets to know/befriend on of the orcs she begins to look at them differently. The story moves along so smoothly that I finished the book in couple of days. There were times I coundn't put it down...I think I forgot a couple of meals just so I could keep reading. I absolutely loved the main character, Dar, and her orc friend/protecter Kovoc-mah. This book is for anyone who likes an epic fantasy with an alternative take on the "usual" bad guys. I have started the second book and so far it's as good as the first. I hughly reccommend this book to anyone who likes a strong female protagonist and a story that has all the elements of "epic" fantasy. I abslutely loved it!!!

  • Random thought...

    Posted by Krisrid, 7 years ago

    Annastacia's post about waning activitiy lit a fire under my butt, because I've been in the process (a hellish one, I might add!) of moving into a new apartment, so I've not been on the site as much as "pre-move" and have been missing the interesting interactions here.

    So, a topic for consideration and comment... What do you all think is that special element that allows a paranormal series to continue to keep your interest?

    For myself, I frequently find that I will LOVE the first few books in a series, but as the author continues to put out new books, I sometimes lose interest. Sometimes its because the characters begin to do the same things over and over, or because the plots start to be predictable (you shouldn't be able to predict what's going to happen in a paranormal book, for my money).

    The series that I cannot get enough of, no matter how many books the series contains, like the Harry Dresden books by Jim Butcher, or the Merry Gentry series by Laurell K. Hamilton, seem to be the ones in which the characters are so multi-faceted, and the plots so diverse and creative, while still being believeable within the "world-structure" of the books, that they can grow and change and excite, without becoming formulaic.

    So that big long post was to (finally) get to the question: Which paranormal series' / authors are the ones you'll read every book in, and why do you love those so much? What does the author do with the plots, the characters or the worlds they create that keeps you coming back for multiple books?

  • Use Magic and It Uses You Right Back

    Posted by Marti, 7 years ago

    This is the debut novel of an urban fantasy series set in Portland.

    Allison traces an illegal magic offload back to her father and confronts him. She learns that her father was murdered shortly after their confrontation and she's the prime suspect because the spell that killed him contains her magic signature--even though she didn't cast it. Allison's beliefs and perceptions about her father (and magic use) are turned upside down as she tries to find the true murderer.

    I really enjoyed this book because it offered a different twist on magic use and contained a pretty good story line.

    The second book "Magic in the Blood" will be released in May 2009.

  • Slow activity lately...

    Posted by Annastacia Dickerson, 7 years ago

    Sam Raimi, San Diego Comic Con International

    I have noticed the traffic here has tapered a bit. There are a few new series recommendations etc... and thank you for that.

    However, a successful group is only successful if it is active. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Do you have a discussion you'd like to post? A stray thought, a bragging topic.

    Let's here it... we're all eyes.

    Here's a question for you. Authors and their books...

    A lot of us who read Paranormal, Fantasy, Sci-fi and Graphic Novels, often do conventions. Have you been to one? Which would you recommend? Are there any coming to you area soon and of course where is your area?

  • EE Knight

    Posted by BuffyBot, 7 years ago

    I was thinking about reading this series, but anytime i get close to doing that, something else comes up.
    I have never heard anyone even mention these so i want to know if anyone has read them, if they liked them, or if i am the only person who has ever bought them.
    I usually read paranormal romance, as i love sups, but not so much the romance aspect, and have to get away from it every once in a while so that my brain cells do not die. I am hoping that this is what i am looking for.
    Any comments?

  • Anita Blake

    Posted by Glenys lister, 7 years ago

    Hi Annastacia, this sounds very intriguing I am going to order the first three from Amazon. Three because if I become hooked!! I will have 2 to read while I await the others!!. I am not sure about the Vampire role, but I like to experience all stories. I love the Fae and druids (I am welsh) and humans who have those extra powers...can you recommend a new author on the above lines? Any guidance with my exploration into this new territory would be appreciated! Thanks

  • Eliazbeth Bear?

    Posted by Annastacia Dickerson, 7 years ago

    New Amsterdam

    Anyone read this author? If so would you mind posting so feedback?

    If you recommend reading her work, would you mind posting a reading order as well?

  • Fever series

    Posted by Glenys lister, 7 years ago

    Hi Annastacia, I am sorry I did not know Karen has been seriously ill.
    I have been on the Karen M site, but find it difficult to get around it.(quite new at this computer interaction) I love reading and do so extensively!! I have not heard of Anita Blake, please could you post some more information about her books. Thanks! The Fever series has just got me so hooked, it is so different, I just wish I had found them when they were all finished and I could of read them together!

  • Frustrated!

    Posted by Glenys lister, 7 years ago

    I am a avid fan of Karen's books, have read them all. I loved the fever series.......I read Faefever the week it came out......I was left in shock!
    At the end (I read that chapter 3 times) in case I had missed something. It was not an end of a book.... it was like an end of a soap episode that you could watch the next night. If the next book is going to end in a similar fashion, I think Karen should release them close together. The book like the others was brilliant but the end left me feeling cheated

  • Fangs--Also Posted on So Many Books So Little Time

    Posted by Dusty, 7 years ago

    What is with all the vampires? They're everywhere. On TV. At the movies. In every other book published in the last two years. If Gone With the Wind had been published today, there would have to have been a vampire in it---wouldn't sell otherwise. Scarlett sure sounds like a vampire's name to me. The Great Gatsby? He's got fangs. Ebeneezer Scrooge, Friday from Robinson Crusoe, Mr Hyde, Hester Prynne from the Scarlet Letter---vampires one and all.

    A question : do more people believe in vampires or Santa Claus? If somehow our collected consciousness could make real that which we imagine, wouldn't it be sad if we peopled our world with monsters only.

  • Joey Hill

    Posted by Unknown User, 7 years ago

    -Message Deleted-

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