• Better Cover

    Posted by Ceri, 7 years ago

    I have had this book on my wish list since last year but kept passing it over. The new cover is more interesting. I just thought i would put this cover here because you can get the hardcover for $ 4.99. I will check these out agian, thanks.

  • Kind of Like Finding $20 Bucks in Your Couch!

    Posted by Annastacia Dickerson, 7 years ago

    Look at the treasure I found online.

    Have you ever wondered what kind of story would develop if some of your favorite characters met face to face?

    Like if Anita Blake ran into Harry Dresden, Gandalf meets Dumbledore, Jean-Claude has a conversation with Lestat, maybe the Cullens strolling into Morganville, etc?

    I found this while free searching the internet:

    INEVITABLE: by Mhalachai [mhalachaiswords.livejournal.com/]

    The Story:

    It's a story with Anita Blake and Harry Potter and it's not bad! She seems to have a pretty good lock on both characters.

    Happy reading, don't forget to post your review!

  • City of Glass Fans

    Posted by Macwolf01, 7 years ago

    Cassie Clare will be coming to Toronto

    April 25, 2009, Toronto, Canada
    Signing with Holly Black
    Time, location TBA

    This is from her website!!! We'll have to watch for the location.

  • Faith Hunter

    Posted by Macwolf01, 7 years ago

    Just wondering if anyone has read any of Faith Hunter's books? Were they any good? I'm curious ... they look good but I've remember ever hearing about the author or the books before. THX E

  • This and That

    Posted by Rider Sir Karigan G'ladheon, 7 years ago

    I think this book was came up here but, The Book Smugglers* say that it's the 7 in a series or something so, Kim Harrison, What's the first book in her The Hollow series?

    Next I had a Day Of The Fae yesterday. i read three books about the fae so... ya. First I finished YA Faerie Wars by Herbie Brennan. Epic book with Demons, Faeries, Humans, murder, betryal, kidnap, spies, malfuctioning portals, Fae of the light and night, and to top it all off, family troubles.

    Okay so genral outline, Pyrgus, Crown Prince ran away, gets in trouble and disappers comes to The Analogue World aka Earth.

    The second and third books I read yesterday was Tithe and Valiant, by Holly Black. Loved these, and I am getting the third book (Ironside) from the libary. You can (As far as i can tell) read Tithe and Valiant in any order, but read Tithe before Ironside. Because other people already wrote up these books I won't write any more.

    On that note some of you may want to know that Holly Black has some dates in Canada, The towns are not said although it's in November.

    *The Book Smugglers are epic book reviewers. Check them out at,

    Sorry for all the spelling mistakes I never could spell,
    That's all for now,

  • Plastic Logic Product

    Posted by Alice, 7 years ago

    yes i know nothing to do with this group but still its cool so chek it out!!


  • Paranormal Fiction and Devil Worship...

    Posted by Maurynna, Dragon Lord, 7 years ago

    Michelle, you commented in your other posting on the P.C. Cast books about a woman not wanting her child to read about vampires because they involve devil worship.

    I would have done what you did and laughed.

    It does raise an interesting question though about the line between paranormal fiction and religion, particularly I suppose christianity. I can remember this issue coming up a few years back with respect to the Catholic church and Harry Potter. If I recall correctly, the books were accused of promoting devil worship because they dealt with witches and magic. Personally I think it is absurd to say that paranormal fiction, writing about vampires and werewolves, witches and magic, in any way promotes devil worship. Many of these stories embody the archetypical struggle between good and evil. Often these struggles play out not only between opposing groups (good guys against the bad guys) but are also embodied in the internal struggles of the main character as she struggles to overcome her baser nature, her inner animal, her killer instinct, her desire for blood or her lust for more power. Think of Angel, the vampire with a soul, or the Cullens in the Twilight books and their "vegetarian" diet, or even Harry Potter, struggling to use magic to defeat true evil. Many of these struggles are analogous to or a metaphor for those we face every day of our lives and so the stories have the ability to provide pertinent life lessons in a fun and engaging way. Do I do what is right or what is easy?

    It is easy to condemn something you don't understand, and it frustrates me to no end when people malign a whole genera, especially when I doubt they have ever opened a single page on a single book. They follow the orders of their faith without question. It is almost like some people can't have faith and independent thought at the same time - it's one or the other. That, however, is a whole other can of worms that I won't go into here. Suffice to say, I don't have a crisis of faith every time I read a book on vampires, or feel an uncontrollable urge to sacrifice a cat in my backyard and paint pentagrams on my floor every time I read a book on witches.

    I don't think anyone in this group would disagree with me on this, but I'm interested in what the rest of you think (and was looking for the opportunity to rant...) Does paranormal fiction promote devil worship? Do the books we all love have something to offer in life lessons, or are they simply entertaining? Are they appropriate for children and youth?


  • Reading from Shadow Song

    Posted by Unknown User, 7 years ago

    -Message Deleted-

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