• Volunteer Reviewers Wanted!!!

    Posted by Kate, 6 years ago

    Do you love to read? Are you into Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy or sups of any kind? I'm starting up a new Review Blog and I'm looking for a few very dedicated "volunteer" reviewers to share content. Strictly for fun and a place to share books and "Note Worthy" content promotions for some of the bigger AWESOME review sites that are already out there. Please let me know if you’re interested!


  • Spooky Good

    Posted by Cindy L, 6 years ago

    I apologize in advance to those who receive this a few times as I am posting in a few of the groups I belong to. I you love Patricia Brigg, Kim Harrison, Carrie Vaughn, Rachel Vincent you will love these.

    Although, there are no Weres and Vamps in this, there is tons to appeal to Paranormal fan. All sorts of Magic and magical creature, including Fea.

    I highly recommend this one as Kittredge's writing has matured greatly. I am attaching my link to my review.


  • Book three of the Hunger Games

    Posted by Lulu Austin, 6 years ago

    The title for Book three of the Hunger Games has been released - Mokingjay. I think it is a great title and can't wait for August 24th!

  • Faith Hunter's Skinwalker Series

    Posted by Blood Rose Books, 6 years ago


    I just finished reading the first book in Faith Hunter's new series, Skinwalker. I really enjoyed this book as it had some interesting new aspect to add to the genre of paranormal.

    The book is based around Jane Yellowrock, who is of Cherokee descent, but her actual age and date of birth is unknown as she has no memory before she is 12. Jane is a motorcycle riding, shot gun toting, kickass vampire hunter. Jane is a vampire hunter for hire and when she is hired by the Vampire Council of New Orleans to take out a rouge Vampire, she knows she is in for some trouble if not even the Vampire council can take the rouge out. But Jane may look ordinary; she does not "smell" ordinary to vampire or paranormal being alike. Though the vampire's cannot place what she is they know she is not entirely "human". Jane has something else inside of her, who she calls Beast. Beast is it's own entity, and whether it is through Beast or Jane's own powers (you do find out in the novel) she is able to transform into any animal that she has a piece of, but beast prefers a black panther. However, this is not as simple as it sounds, and as far as Jane knows she is one of a kind, therefore, she does not want her secret to get out. But her ability to apparently disappear and her love for raw steak are raising some question. Jane has some questions of her own, like why "The Joe" is following her around, why when she is in beast form the smell of the rouge is all wrong and what the Vampires aren’t telling her. Jane is unable to figure out what the rouge actually is, and it is faster and bigger than her and Beast. It appears to best her at every turn. As more bodies begin to stack up, both human and Vampire, Jane is unsure who she can trust, but she knows that she has to find and kill this rouge because if it can kill vampire, it's only a matter of time before it begins to hunt her.

    I really enjoyed this book. One of my favorite aspects was the change in who was in control when Jane was in Human form and Beast form. To better offset the difference the though process of each was different, in Human form Jane was in control and thought like a person, but when Beast was in control the though process and writing was more similar to was an animal would think. Also the history between Jane and Beast is interesting, as how they came to "be" together in the same body.

    In this world there are vampire and witches, however, it is unknown at this time whether there are weres, but I think that Beast will make up for those individuals who prefer were books. This book also has little to none romance, it is hinted in Beast, but there is nothing else other than hints. This book has quite a bit of action, but I would equate more to a mystery book, as the reader is attempting to discover who the rouge is and who/where it might attack next.

    I would recommend this book to someone who enjoys reading paranormal books that are more about action and mystery than romance.

    The books are listed in order below.


    Side Note: I know that she has another series but I have not read any of those books, truthfully the premise did not appeal to me. Can anyone comment on her other series?

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