Posted by Annastacia Dickerson, 8 years ago

    I posted a little while back about how much I enjoy Karen Chance's work.
    My "bleep, bleep th" birthday just past March 30th and...

    What to my wondering eyes should appear?
    But 400 hundred pages of adventure brought here!
    The postal worker was lively and quick,
    but I knew in a moment it was no trick.

    I opened the door and did a little dance,
    Yippee! Horray! It was the newest Karen Chance!
    Three days early, from it's release April 1st
    I was so damn happy I thought I would burst.

    I ran up the stairs to my hidey-hole
    And started to read, I was on a role!
    No phone calls, no visitors, the book had substance...
    A voice from afar...was that my husband?

    The story unraveled, the characters spoke,
    Not 'till the end, to my world I awoke.
    A wondrous tale did Ms Chance send,
    Never disappointing right through the end.

  • Getting the bashing started.....Laurell K. Hamilton

    Posted by Vivien Hogg, 8 years ago

    Ok, here's the thing. I absolutely LOVED the first six books in her Anita Blake series. HOWEVER, I canNOT stand her anymore....her characters have gone to shot, it's nothing but sex every other page, and Anita has become the world's biggest sl*t. Thisobviously has irked me a fair bit.....why did she have to go porno on the book?!?!?!!


    Posted by Annastacia Dickerson, 8 years ago

    I was on another group reading the posts when I came across one that viciously criticized not one but TWO of my most favorite authors! In addition came further comments that emphatically agreed with the poster's opinion.

    I was about to post why I disagreed and why I loved these particular authors so much, when I.... well, I chickened out! LOL!

    It fell in the "don't go there category", and I started to wonder... Does that happen to members in my groups that I facilitate?

    So... I would like to [formally] invite everyone to post what they think... even if you disagree. It seems to me that one person's entertainment is another person's creepy (I guess creepy does it for me)... but hey each to their own. And I would like to invite everyone to tell us why, even if many people have posted otherwise. We can agree to disagree, not to mention why lose out on the other side of what could turn out to be an interesting debate?

  • L. A. Banks - I can't decide

    Posted by Vivien Hogg, 8 years ago

    Well, I have to say that the first time I read the first book in the series, I couldn't stand it. The language, with all the slang, really deterred me. Then when I read it the second time, I was able to get past the slang, and the story was pretty good. HOWEVER, the story keeps going, and I can't really tell if I like it all that much. But, it is definitely a different approach to vampires int he modern world. Opinions?

  • Teresa Medeiros

    Posted by Annastacia Dickerson, 8 years ago

    Welll... I believe I have read the WORST Vampire novel(s) yet.

    Really... quite terrible. :-P

    What was quite disturbing was it was on the New York Times Bestseller list.
    The first book, "After Midnight" was less than mediocre. Our heroine is concerned that her sister is spending too much time with a gentleman that society rumors to be "a vampire".
    The mix?
    1 hunky, brooding vampire hunter
    1 kind jovial, but reluctant vampire brother of the vampire hunter
    2 simpering regency misses
    1 mediocre regency romance plot
    remove ALL the mystery, magic and intrigue that is available to the paranormal genre and you now apparently have a bestseller?

    The second book "The Vampire That Loved Me" is unbelievably worst than the first. *spoiler here* Our hero unsurprisingly rides off into the sunset with our simpering miss miraculously cured of his vampirism (with the help of course of our simpering not so regency style miss). Thankfully this one did not make the bestseller list.

    Not recommended unless you would like a good laugh (or cry). It seems the publisher's are pressuring romance writers to explore the fast evolving paranormal romance genre (whether they want to or not).


    I received this email from romance writer Brenda Joyce when I asked if she was going to finish the last book in her Deadly Series (mystery romance with a continuing thread and character build, quite a terrific series actually) Here was her response:

    Thank you for your email regarding my Deadly books. I apologize in the
    delay in getting back to you, I have been under a tight deadline. I'm
    sorry to say that at this time there does not appear to be a novel in the
    works for the Deadly Series. My publisher is simply not interested in
    continuing the series at this time. I have repeatedly asked them if I can
    conclude the series for my readers, but their answer has been "wait."

    I know you may not know, but authors do not get to write whatever we
    choose. The publisher needs to make a profit from their authors and the
    Deadly Series did not sell like my other novels do. I do not know if
    there will be a conclusion to this series while with this publisher. My
    focus now, at the pub's request, is historical romance and paranormal
    romance, both very hot genres.

    Once again thank you for your support of my work. I hope that one day
    Francesca can reappear as I miss her too.

    Brenda Joyce
    A Dangerous Love - On Sale March 25, 08
    The Game - Reissued February 26, 08
    Read New Excerpts at


    So what does this mean for us who love paranormal/fantasy fiction? Your thoughts... what do you think?


    Posted by Annastacia Dickerson, 8 years ago

    *snore* Another poll... It will however help me advertise this group. More members means more discussion and book suggestions though. Would you mind answering the following question? :-D

    • Poll 15 votes


      How did you find this group?

  • For Our New Members...

    Posted by Annastacia Dickerson, 8 years ago

    I am so happy to see our group expanding. We've had some great discussions starting here and the poll told me that our members favor Vampires the most with the Fae running a close second and the were(animals) running a pretty good third.

    However from Vivan's comment: "I'm not a big fan of the romantic mushy type vampire novel, just doesn't jive for me." I would like to post this series again by Sarah Monette. It features mages and necromancy not one of our top scoring, but is a full meal in the story department.

    Also, here is Karen Chance for those who like to laugh. I place this writer with Joss Whedon's style. Funny but the characters are well developed and three dimensional. Her third book "Embrace the Night" is to be released April 1st. The second book "Claimed By Shadow" is one of my favorites. Definitely a "Fertile Imagination" and has a stew of paranormal characters inside.

  • A must read!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Ceri, 8 years ago

    I just finished Magic burns and i loved it. This is a new author Ilona Andrews who writes with her husband. The first book is Magic Bites. The books are about a Mercenary named Kate Danieals who cleans up magical problems. This First book was a little slow the first few chapters but turned out to be excellant. There are vampires, (like we've never seen them) weres and everything in between. One of the main characters is a were named Curran and he is great!! If you are looking, pick up these two books, you will be happy!! Let me know how you like them!

  • The Lighter Side!

    Posted by Unknown User, 8 years ago

    -Message Deleted-

  • UUUGH! I hate this book!

    Posted by Annastacia Dickerson, 8 years ago


    Top five most HATED books. What are they and [if you like] why?

  • Something A Little Different!!

    Posted by Unknown User, 8 years ago

    -Message Deleted-

  • Favorite Type of Supernatural Creature?

    Posted by Annastacia Dickerson, 8 years ago

    Awww... just a small special interest poll. I am curious to know what the most popular theme for our group is.

    • Poll 29 votes

      Special Interest Poll

      Favorite Type of Supernatural Creature?

  • Tanya Huff Blood Series!

    Posted by Unknown User, 8 years ago

    -Message Deleted-

  • Have you tried??

    Posted by Ceri, 8 years ago

    An author that i recently found was Karen Marie Moning. This book is about Mackayla lane, a girl from the south who travels to Ireland when her sister is found dead. Mackayla finds out that she is a sidhe-seer, a person who can see the Fae for who they really are. The first book Darkfever drags you in but when you finish the second Bloodfever, you're hooked. I am waiting for the third. Faefever. Definately worth checking out if you like faeries and other characters that your not even sure what they are. Mackayla runs into Jericho Barrons who is after the same thing as her, but their relationship is rocky and unpredictable. Great characters.

  • QUESTION: Book Covers?

    Posted by Annastacia Dickerson, 8 years ago

    1. How much does the design of a book cover lead you pick it up?

    2. Does it bother you if it is not relevant to the story? (i.e. person does not look anything like the character in the story or time period/costume is off, etc...)

    3. Have you ever been "embarrassed" by a book's cover design to not want to read the book in a public place? (lol! Do tell...)


    Posted by Annastacia Dickerson, 8 years ago

    I have just placed a hold for the first of his series. I know nothing about him or his writing and I am curious if anyone else has any thoughts to these novels? Another writer you would compare him to?

  • Hello New Members!

    Posted by Annastacia Dickerson, 8 years ago

    Glad to have you here. Let's start a discussion:


    Other Worldly/Realm/Dimension/Landscape/Reality or Underground Secret:

    Past (Medieval, Renaissance),
    Present (Contemporary, Modern),
    Future (Whatever it may be).

    If so why?...and What are your favorite novels that illustrate this?


    Posted by Annastacia Dickerson, 8 years ago

    A creative idea that made for an interesting read. A large world made up of fragmented landscapes that are joined together through a series of magical bridges that only answer to what is in your heart's desire.

    Compared to some others series I have posted on this forum, I unfortunately found the books too separate for my taste to be completely compelling. Possibly because like a romance serial the love stories wrap too tidily at the end of each book and leave no room for development in the sequel. I think it would have been nice to have these love stories build, weave and develop throughout the books.

    • 1 person found this helpful


    Posted by Annastacia Dickerson, 8 years ago

    "MELUSINE": Sarah Monette has a storytellers gift. This was a fantastic book with a unique and well imagined plot and endearingly flawed characters.

    "THE VIRTU: Book 2": This book takes you by surprise because EVERYTHING you learned about the characters in the first book is moot... because you have to relearn who they are all over again in the second. Fabulous twists and spectacular storytelling.

    "THE MIRADOR: Book 3": This series just gets better with each book. I am going into withdrawal until 2009 when the next one is released.

    • 2 people found this helpful


    Posted by Annastacia Dickerson, 8 years ago

    For you "BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER" fans, you may love Karen Chance's Contemporary Paranormal Fiction.

    "Clairvoyant Cassie Plamer has inherited new magical powers-including the ability to travel through time. But it''s a whole lot of responsibility she'd rather not have. Now she's the most popular girl in town, as an assortment of vamps, fey, and mages try to convince, force, or seduce her-and her magic-over to their side."

    The plot is at once touching, and hilariously funny. The wit razor sharp, and the characters "addictive".

    The Series kicks off with "CLAIMED BY SHADOW" followed by "TOUCH THE DARK" and finally "EMBRACE THE NIGHT" the third book slotted for release April 1st 2008.

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