• Unexpected surprise

    Posted by BuffyBot, 5 years ago

    So i saw this book, looked at the covers and my first thought was Faeries. I skimmed the back, i think i saw the word 'die' or something like that, so i picked it up.
    Well i was way off. This book reminded me alot of "Go Ask Alice" in that it was a teenagers POV though life, this one being anorexic as opposed to on drugs. It starts off when her friend who is bulimic winds up dead and then starts to haunt her trying to basically get her to kill herself.
    As usual i suck at explaining things. Sorry, this was actually a really good book. Once i discovered that it was not at all what i thought it was i was going to give up, but then i just got so into it. The way it is written was really good. Alot of the characters thoughts are written and then crossed out and rewritten so it give a bit more of an inside view into her thoughts. And, yeah, i totally cried.
    Please read this book, it was really good in a surprising way. I will definatly be 'picking' it. I thought maybe i saw it in this group or a different one, but now i can't seem to find it, so sorry if it is a repeat post.

  • Julie Kenner: Tainted

    Posted by Blood Rose Books, 5 years ago


    I just finished reading the first book in the Blood Lily Chronicles and I cannot wait for my book ban to end so that I can pick up the next one. This book has sat on my shelf for a few months and I think I kept passing it by, for it's somewhat cheesy cover. But i am glad that i picked the book up, it was a good easy read, that was action packed and even some romance in there for you.

    The book is based around Lily, who believes that she has never been anything good. She has done many bad things in her life, but they were all to protect her younger sister Rose. Lily's final act of protection is to kill Lucas Johnson, who was a constantly stalking Rose (but it is hinted in the book that he may have abused and/or assaulted her as well). Lily kills Johnson, but Johnson is also able to kill her. Now Lily has awoken in another girl's body (Alice) and is being chased by a demon who is trying to kill her. Meet Clarence who appears to look like a frog man, he is Lily's mentor and he informs Lily that she is the chosen one, the assassin for the Light. The one who will defeat the demons and close the ninth gate forever as she is directed connected to the key for the gate. Lily begins training with Clarence who gives her information about the demons and Zane, an extremely Hot trainer who Lily cannot take her eyes off. Zane has some interesting training techniques, mostly involving letting a demon loose in the ring and see how Lily handle the situation. If all this was not enough, Lily needs to become Alice and move smoothly through Alice's life. Enter Deacon, who was a friend of Alice's before she had died, but he is also a Demon. Deacon makes her question Clarence's teachings about all Demons being bad, but she knows she has to focus on closing the gate, she wants redemption for all the bad things that he has done in her previous life. So ready or not, here she goes, trying to the save the world, but Lily soon realizes that she may be trying saving the world, but there are a lot of demons and people that would like to see her fail.

    I really enjoyed this book. It was exactly what i was looking for to read. It is one of those good vs evil books, with all the gray area in between. It has twist and turns and you really don't know who she should trust and listen to and which guy she should go for. This book did have a similar premise to Three Days Till Dead by Kelly Meding, so if you have read that book and enjoyed it, you will like this book as well.

    I really enjoyed Lily as a character and he need to seek redemption for her past actions, but never regretting them, other than her promise to keep Rose safe and being there for her. Lily also does not pretend to know it all or know how to fight. Kenner does a good job of explaining how Lily grows in her knowledge and fighting skills and in the first few fights scenes you can picture Lily bumbling through them. I also enjoyed some of the new abilities that Lily was given when she was "reborn". If she kills a demon with her own blade, that has been anointed with her blood, she receives some of the demon's power, either good or bad. For example she kills a vampire like demon that was feeding on a girls blood and she now experience blood lust in one form or another.

    The books are listed in order below


    Note: I know that Julie Kenner has written some other books and maybe series, if you have read them, please comment on what you think of them. Thanks :)

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    Debut Author Spotlight Interview & Giveaway!

    Posted by Kate, 5 years ago

    Friday May 14th!
    Debut Author Spotlight
    Interview & Giveaway with Katie Salidas! Katie graciously agreed to
    answer a few of my questions and to share some tidbits about her
    debut release Immortalis Carpe Noctem!

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