• Favorite Carpathian Book

    Posted by Betty Lambert, 7 years ago

    My most favorite book of the Carpathian series is Dark Secret..I really love Rafael..the action between him and Colby is unreal and she is true to herself and her step brother and sister. Also..he is tall, dark, and handsome, lol..my favorite kind of fantasy male. My #2 vote would go to Mikhail..He is the prince and gotta love those leaders. Although he can be a bit high handed at times he thinks of Raven first at all times .Raven must be a saint to put up with him at times...

    Would love to hear who your favorite characters are in this series...and why you like them so much...

  • A Certain Slant Of Light

    Posted by Celine Paquette, 7 years ago

    This is a really good book that i want to recommend!

    Its all about this girl thats haunting an English teacher and one day a student actually looks at her. This is the first time in 130 years she's felt eyes on her. The eyes (like all love story's) belong to a guy that she didn't really pay any attention to until now. She finds herself although scared, drawn to him. Since she is a spirit or 'light' as the author calls it she obviously doesn't have a body and he does. This causes some problems. But as the two fight to find a way to be together they unravel the secrets of their formal lives and of the young people they come to possess!!

    • This is what the book looks like :) P.S i realize it looks kinda creepy but believe me this is an awesome read!

  • wicked lovely

    Posted by Unknown User, 7 years ago

    -Message Deleted-

  • Kim Harrison - HMM

    Posted by TINK, 7 years ago

    Ok so I just finished Kim Harrison's first - Dead Witch Walking - I'm not entirely convinced I should keep reading. I found it disjointed, and the characters seem incomplete. I felt like there were pages missing from the book since I didnt really feel like I had enough backstory. Anyone else read her?

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    Signing Tanya Huff, Jim Butcher and Kelley Armstrong

    Posted by Anna Julienne, 7 years ago

    They're at Polaris 22 Con in Toronto at the Double Tree hotel. I'm not sure of the exact dates for each author but the Con runs from July 11-13 but preregistration has finished. It now costs a little more.



  • A Promising Start.

    Posted by Annastacia Dickerson, 7 years ago

    "Greywalker" Book One

    Readers who LOVE classic Anita Blake novels (Books 1 - 6) and bemoan the change in format has a new place to get their fix.

    I'd like to mention Kat Richardson's "Greywalker Series".

    Meet Harper Blaine and cast.

    Harper, a private investigator, was assaulted by a perpetrator while on a case for one of her clients. He Killed her... for about two minutes.

    When Harper woke in the hospital she considered it normal to see strange things after a severe head injury, but when the strange things don't subside with the physical injuries, she knows something has changed. She is either insane or she really is seeing ghosts.

    She finds out that her small touch with death has opened her to the Grey; that world in between ours and the thereafter where ghosts, vampires and all manner of other characters roam.

    With the help of a paranormal psychologist, a witch (yes a real witch), a tech guru and sometimes [grudgingly] a few vampires. Harper tries to find her feet and learn to accept her new life and it's changes... only she would really rather not if she could help it. In addition, it seems everybody's dead uncle and aunt wants to hire her services and her new ability as a Greywalker has put her in a dangerous position. She does not really care for her new clientèle.

    I found the case stories and investigation rather good in both books so far. The atmosphere is well done and keeps me turning the pages. I feel that I am waiting however for the characters in the book to come to life. They are mildly sterile and I hope as the series continues Kat Richardson will further develop these characters and fill them out a bit more. They could use more background story and maybe a little more personal internal dialogue for Harper and some of the contradictions that real people shuttle around everyday and I don't understand why she skirts over most of the emotional drama between her characters. More attention to them however is needed to take this series from a nice read to bloody wow.

    All in all the series has great potential and I look forward to book three.

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    The Delta of Venus: Sex, Art & Literature

    Posted by Annastacia Dickerson, 7 years ago

    Painting by Tamara de Lempicka

    I have a new group for those interested in joining:

    I’ve seen in the book groups fleeting comments that skirt the edges of our discussions, slightly apologetic for the graphic nature within the content of the books or poetry some members have read while discussing other aspects of their content.

    It occurred to me that the community could really use an outlet to discuss the more sensuous aspects of art, literature & poetry. This group is an open forum to share, discuss and appreciate the shadowy arts of Erotica.


  • The Rogue Mage Series

    Posted by Marti, 7 years ago

    Thorn St. Croix, whose very existence is a threat to seraphs and humans alike, searches for her destiny in a wintery post-apolyptical world rife with religious conflict. Thorn has managed to remain hidden for 10 years, but that's all about to come to an end.

    The first book in the series is Bloodring, followed by Seraphs and then Host. Apparently there will also be a role playing game based on this series.

    I enjoyed all three books and think they are definitely worth a look.

    Faith Hunter also writes as Gwen Hunter and Gary Hunter.

  • Fever....?

    Posted by Vivien Hogg, 7 years ago

    I'm not familiar with the Fever series or Karen Moning....Anyone care to elaborate on it?

  • Twitch, twitch...

    Posted by Annastacia Dickerson, 7 years ago

    An oldie but a goodie. My first Vampire Tale:

    Author: Deborah Howe, James Howe
    Illustrator: Alan Daniel

    When the family started finding white vegetables, drained dry, with two fang marks in them, Chester the cat was sure Bunnicula was a vampire. Though scoffed at by Harold the dog, Chester tries to warn his human family that their foundling baby bunny must be a vampire.

  • Dante's Girl and other stories....

    Posted by Vivien Hogg, 7 years ago

    Mk, so you wanted something new - and I feel a *little* guilt tripped by your last post there....Sooooo, here's the new storyline.

    I've had these books on my shelf for a bit so their not new books, but I don't recall them being blabbed about (and if they already were, then whatever, they're good enough to go round two).

    Dante's Girl - Natasha Rhodes
    So very good. Was actually different than what I was expecting from the title, but a very satisfying read.

    Stray - Rachel Vincent
    It's all about cats in this one, ditch the wolves. Strong independent protagonist in a world where tabbies are not expected to go astray.
    (Book two has come out)

    Scent of Shadows - Vicki Pettersson
    For each sign of the zodiac there are those who represent them - and there's a balance between good and evil....evil just tipped the scales. (book two is out)

    Working for the Devil - Lillith SaintCrow
    Dante Valentine is a necromance-for-hire. The devil decides to hire.
    (Book two is out)

    Glass Houses - Rachel Caine
    Claire is an incredibly gifted girl who is accepted to college a few years early. But it doesn't take much for Claire to realize that there's something seriously wrong with the people in Morganville, Texas.
    (Book two is out)

    Fire Me Up - Katie McAlister
    A fun one - Aisling Grey has a terrible day - she loses an artifact that she was supposed to deliver, accidently becomes a demon lord, finds out she's a Guardian, learns that she's a Wyvren's mate, and on top of it all, is accused of murder.
    (Trilogy finished, new trilogy started)

    ...Ahhh, the guild is relieved! Any questions or comments on these books are welcome - I wouldn't have posted them if they weren't good! ENJOY!!!

  • Shhh...do you hear that?

    Posted by Annastacia Dickerson, 7 years ago

    ...it is the sound of crickets, and I do believe it's the proverbial tumble weed rolling by.

    HELLO! Members? Are you there? *sniff* I feel so alone. Never call... never WRITE?

    Okay, enough drama. This is a call for posts and discussions, books, music, film, plays, real life. A group is only as interesting as it's people. And considering the nature of this group, I would think it's people are wonderfully interesting. I would like you to feel free to post on this group. Tells us what you think, respond even if you disagree.

    An active group is a healthy group. Am I whining?... I sound like I'm whining don't I? My Apologies. I would just love to hear from you.

    I think I just heard a tree fall in a forest...somewhere...

  • "Blood Noir" by Laurell K. Hamilton and then some... Doh! It's Long.

    Posted by Annastacia Dickerson, 7 years ago

    This novel is a transition novel.

    It is getting to the point that every release of Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake novels will spark a debate of some sort. For those of you not familiar with her work I will summarize the heat of the arguments.

    Ms Hamilton has been writing Anita Blake for fourteen years. The first book in the Anita Blake series is called "Guilty Pleasures" published 1994. In this book we are introduced to the character Anita Blake, Animator (zombie raiser) and Vampire Executioner. The character has firm ideas about where the line is drawn between monsters and humans. Up to that point most of her interactions with the undead is at the end of a gun. She's comfortable in her beliefs and confident and decisive in her actions.

    The nature of this character continues for about the first four novels. Then at Laurell K. Hamilton's own words of warning, Anita was about to have her careful lines challenged, and it wasn't just the character that was challenged, but also the readers.

    The lines between monsters and people become very gray in the following novels and the content much more challenging. Many readers morn the early or "classic" Anita Blake and have a hard time accepting the direction Ms Hamilton had taken her character, a large reason being that she did not also change the character's personal ideals, but she changed the genre of the books from Paranormal Suspense to Paranormal Erotica–It happened gradually over twelve published novels.

    The book "Incubus Dreams" was about the point where I started to hear comments and read reviews bemoaning the change of format.

    That being understood, the Anita character has had her lines blown apart and situates her into a place that she would never have seen, nor accepted in herself in the 1994 debut. The books now have a full cast of characters that have also changed and grown with her or in many cases away from her as well. The manner in which these changes come about are gradual and in my opinion believable. Others will argue with me I'm sure.

    When we reach "Narcissus in Chains" Anita Blake's power structure begins to change. She is a third in a triumvirate with the Master Vampire Jean Claude and the Wolf King Richard. With it comes a boost in power and unexpected results. Her powers elevate to Necromancer, she is collecting powers like a Master Vampire, and the "Ardeur" forces her to feed like a Succubus. All of which has a learning curve.

    In addition, Ms Hamilton is working up through a continuing underlying plot, starting in "Cerulean Sins" and developing throughout each novel following, between Anita and possibly her greatest foe, Marme Noir.

    We are now at her latest book "Blood Noir". The explicit nature of the book in comparison to "Incubus Dreams" or "Danse Macabre" is toned down quite a bit (the first three Chapters aside).

    Much like the book Micah, "Blood Noir" is a break out story from the main storyline and focuses on the relationship between Anita and one of her best friends and werewolf, Jason.

    In a nutshell, this novel is a transition novel used to strengthen character development, close open ends and ramp-up additional info required to drive the plot in the subsequent books to follow. It's not her best and most exciting page turner, and leaves more open ends than it closes. I will also own that it is about 100 pages too short. It is however a necessary read if you want to know what is going on in the next big challenge.

    In my opinion, Laurell K. Hamilton has created a fantastically imaginative world and I respect and appreciate her bravery in not holding back. It is Paranormal Fantasy at it's best and very well written Erotica that allows a reader to do that wonderful thing... get out of your own skin and escape to somewhere else for awhile where characters will live and do things you would never experience in real life. Thank you, Laurell K.

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