• Maria V Snyder Spyglass and the last of the Fever books by Karen Marie Moning

    Posted by Mada, 6 years ago

    Anyone have any idea when this book will be released? or the last of the fever series?

  • S.J. Day- Marked Series

    Posted by Blood Rose Books, 6 years ago


    This is a new series, where they the author released 3 books in about 3 months, I have only read the first one, but I know the other books have already been released

    Eve, is just a normal girl going to an interview for an interior designer job, when she is suddenly told the meeting is canceled, she sees her long lost love in the lobby and is all of a sudden having sex with him in the stair well. Well this sex is anything but normal and so is the guy she is having sex with. It turns out the guy is not her long lost love, it's his brother, and these brothers are Cain and Abel. Abel also gives Eve, the Mark of Cain, which means that she is to be punished for something that she did not do or have any knowledge of. So Eve's life has just been turned upside down. Cain returns into her life, and she is thrust into a world where there are Demons every where and they are all just looking to take her out, as she is Cain's only weakness. Eve finds herself with a new mission in life (one she doesn't want), superpowers she cant really control yet, a target on her back from all the demons out there, plus she is part of an sibling rivalry that spans centuries, things couldn't get any worse...Right???

    This book was Okay. While i was reading it and as I got to the end of the book, I just felt like it was just missing something. I cant quite put my finger on it as to what it was missing, it just was. I do like Eve as a character, she is fairly real, with flaws and just the want to go back to the way things were and you can tell that she is struggling with the changes in her life but she questions whether she can really go back to her old life.. I also like the how the author descried the hierarchy of the "Firms" and the political games that are being played (apparently even heaven gets political).

    I did like the premise of the book, but i thought it could be executed better. I feel like i was missing a chapter, or the introduction should have been left as the last chapter. I feel like i have read the book and i didn't get any where.

    I will probably pick up the next book to see if it gets better and hopefully the story goes somewhere more. (If anyone has read the next book or books please let me know what they are like...Thanks)

    The books are listed in order below.


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    Posted by Andrea MacFarlane, 6 years ago

    So I'm not working today, but they called me anyways so I could call my regular customers. There's a sale today for ALL romance titles, ALL formats (hardcover, trade, mass market) for 20% off, if you have the rewards card that's 30% off total!

    Not sure if it's chapters as well, but I would think yes. So if you were hemming and hawing over whether or not to buy Karen Moning's fever series or Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series or maybe some Christine Warren, Lynn Viehl or anyone else, DO IT NOW!

    <3 u all

  • Dakota Banks: Mortal Path Series

    Posted by Blood Rose Books, 6 years ago


    This is a great book, that is really non stop action and quite a bit different from other paranormal books out there. So if you are looking for a change, something new and different this book is for you.

    Susannah Layhem was just a wife in in the late 1600 with a some what loving husband and their first child on the way. One night she and her husband are awoken by men at the door who proclaim Susannah is a witch, therefore, she is sentenced to death. Susannah can not understand what is happening and she is more upset that they will not wait for the baby to be born before they execute her. The night before she is to burned at the stake, Susannah gives birth to still born from the severe treatment she receives as she is incarcerated. The next day Susannah is tied to the stake and the fire is lapping at her feet, legs, hair. She dies...or does she. In her last moments Susannah sends up a prayer for someone to help her. That being turns out to be a Demon named Rabishu. Rabishu questions Susannah on what she would do to live? Would she kill her own Kind? Susannah states that she wants to live and so begins her long slavery as Rabishu's assassin. Susannah served Rabishu for 100s of years and is haunted by all people she has killed. Susannah wants to be free of Rabishu and the only way is for her save as many people as she has killed, only then will she be set free. However, if Susannah thought that Rabishu would make it easy for her, she is sadly mistaken.

    This book was great, I just really enjoyed that it was something different and had different ideas throughout. There are no vampires or werewolves within the book, just Demons and individuals who are called Ageless. The main character Susannah, who becomes Maliha, as she has to change her name through out the time she has lived, is a fairly believable character, who has flaws, and just has the desperate want to live a normal life, but knows that she cant. There are quite a few action James Bond/Dirk Pitt like scene within the book. I also enjoy that there are flashbacks to times where Maliha has saved an individual and how some of those people are part of her life now, even if they know that she saved them or not. There is a little bit of a love interest in the book, but it is not a priority within the book it is more about Maliha wanting a normal life. The priority in the book is for Maliha to save as many people as she can and protect those people around her.

    This first book is one of the best new series that I have read in a long time. So i would reccomend that everyone pick it up, especially if you like paranormal books with a more action, character development and history. The books leaves a big cliff hanger at the end too and I cant wait for the second one, hope it comes out soon.

    Defiantly an Author to watch out for.


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