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    Book Launch for Gemma Files' A TREE OF BONES: 3rd in the Hexslinger Series, June 2nd, 2012

    Posted by Word Taster, 3 years ago

    For those living in Toronto and environs, our country's oldest independent Science Fiction & Fantasy bookstore, Bakka-Phoenix will host a launch for A TREE OF BONES by local author Gemma Files, on Saturday June 2nd, 2012 It's the third and final book in her Hexslinger series, "that amazingly creepy, mythological-western-horror saga." Join the gang at the store at 3pm, and help kick off her book in style! I know this is a C-I competitor (C-I also carries Gemma's books), but we hafta support our small independents too, and our local authors!... some cities don't actually have a single small independent bookseller left, so if you're in or close to T.O., visit the store where Tanya Huff, Cory Doctorow and Michelle Sagara (Michelle still works there a couple days a week) all got their starts while employees, and where Robert J. Sawyer and Robert Charles Wilson might just be hanging out for a chat and to pick up some reading material for themselves.

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    New Book Blog!!

    Posted by Ciara♥, 4 years ago

    Hey everyone!!

    I just wanted to let you guys know, I started a book review blog! It's called Lost at Midnight Reviews and will mostly be featuring YA books :D I hope you guys like it!


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    Book launch for Alyxandra Harvey's new book, BRIAR ROSE on Saturday January 21st, 2012

    Posted by Word Taster, 4 years ago

    For those living in Toronto, our country's oldest independent Science Fiction & Fantasy bookstore, Bakka-Phoenix is having their first book launch of the new year. On Saturday January 21st, Alyxandra Harvey's new book, BRIAR ROSE, will be launched. Alyx will be there at 3pm. I know this is a C-I competitor, but we hafta support our small independents too... some cities don't actually have a single small independent bookseller left, so if you're in or close to T.O., visit the store where Tanya Huff, Cory Doctorow and Michelle Sagara (Michelle still works there a couple days a week) all got their starts while employees, and where Robert J. Sawyer and Robert Charles Wilson might just be hanging out for a chat and to pick up some reading material for themselves.

  • How does everyone feel about Manga, Graphic or Illustrated Novels?

    Posted by Annastacia Dickerson, 4 years ago

    Lately I have spent a fair amount of time reading and vastly enjoying manga and graphic novels that fall in the same genre of many of the novels I prefer.

    It took me a long time to embrace this format, especially for manga, however in that case it was for the most part the right to left reading style.

    Possibly it comes from my film background or that I tend to see the world through a viewfinder, but I guess you might say it's, I believe, what I would imagine it's like to meet a relative I never knew I had.

    I think the best part for me is, if the graphic novel or manga art is good and flows frame to frame, accompanied with the copy, it leaves the impression in my mind of an early zoopraxiscope [en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zoopraxiscope] and it's amazing how the contents of the pages come alive.

    I have to say, I really enjoy it, and I am thankful to the friend that nagged me continuously to 'give it a try'.

  • Ponies - Hugo Nominee

    Posted by M, 4 years ago


    This short story is awesome... AND NOT SUITABLE FOR YOUNGER READERS!!!!

    Hugo Nominee Review: Ponies by Kij Johnson
    DateMonday, May 9, 2011 at 3:31AM

    Ponies by Kij Johnson is certainly the most unique of the Hugo nominated short stories. It is far shorter than the other stories and isn’t actually science fiction, but it certainly deserves to be nominated for this award because it is one of the most effective horror stories that I have read in quite a while eliciting a number of levels of horror in a very short story.

    This story is an alagory and does not attempt to be a realistic story. The names of the girls are things like TopGirl, Second Girl and similar. In addition it is a modern day story with unicorns that have wings, horns, can talk and with blood that smells like cotton candy. This is about children who surrender to the crowd who do something they wouldn’t want to do because that is what other people want.

    In the case of this story in order to join the popular group of girls she has to remove two of her unicorn’s abilities. She chooses the wings and the horn, allowing her unicorn to retain the ability to talk. A simple choice once you’ve decided to go along with the crowd.

    While this is easy to see with children I think that looking at this as a story about children is largely missing the point. For a vast majority of adults the situation is exactly the same, just a bit more subtle. We constantly do things we don’t want to do, not because they are necessary, but because other people think we should do them. We cling to images of success that don’t make us happy and work far harder than we need at jobs we don’t like to do it.

    This is a story that will likely make you feel sick to your stomach as you read it and make you remember just how cruel children can be, but don’t stop there. Try to remember that we all have unicorns, things we love and want cherish but are willing to surrender, at least in part simply for acceptance.

  • Game of Thrones - Song of Fire And Ice

    Posted by M, 4 years ago

    is anyone watching Game of Thrones? Or has anyone started reading the series? I'm thinking of starting the series after Season One is done on HBO...

    That and I would be totally interested in posting thoughts about each episode if anyone else is watching!!


    Philippa Ballantine: Geist

    Posted by Blood Rose Books, 4 years ago

    Philippa Ballantine introduces the reader to the Order of the Deacons, sworn to protect the Empire from the Dead and Hell.

    The Order of the Deacons are the protectors of the Empire and guardians of the people to prevent them from being possessed or haunted by Geists. The Deacons are divided into two different types Actives and Sensitive, the Actives have the powers to fight the Geist and the Sensitives that give the Actives the ability to see the Geists. Without this partnership, the Order would fail Sorcha is the most powerful Active within the order, but her control over her power is questionable. Merrick is a young active who has been forced into a partnership with Sorcha, which is one neither is too keen on. Sorcha seems to have a problem keeping her Sensitive partners in one piece. They have been dispatched to an isolated city where, there have been strange Geist happenings, ones that defy all the rules of the Order. And over the ocean seas appears Raed, the Pretender to the throne, the true ruler of the Empire, but the inability to take control because of the Geist living inside him. Their three lives are intertwined whether they want it or not and becomes apparent that someone does not want Sorcha, Merrick or Raed to reach their destination or destiny alive.

    This book is a pretty good start to a new series. I would classify this as part of the fantasy genre, not the paranormal one, as the powers that the Deacons have and the description of the Geists makes me think more fantasy that paranormal. However, I do think that it will appeal to people who like both of these genres, as the aspects from each genre have been somewhat interconnected into the storyline, it just has a more fantasy feel.

    Ballanitine has created a rich world, that is part historic part fantasy. She has expertly weaved these two different aspects into one, that would have the reader believing that this world actually did exist. She is fairly descriptive ion places, especially around the Feel of places, a sense that is often missed by writers, but one that is key to the Deacon's world.

    I enjoyed the interaction between Sorcha and Merrick, as they do have some funny interactions, which are enhanced by the bond that they share. Sorcha is a strong female protagonist, who has that kick-ass attitude that is common within the paranormal genre, however, because of the bond that she shares with Merrick the reader is able to get more emotions from Sorcha as well as more depth to her personality. Raed and the ancient Geist (called the Rossin) living inside of him, just waiting to take control, is an interesting aspect within the book. I enjoyed the interaction between Raed and the Rossin, it is something similar to Faith Hunter's Beast in her skinwalker series, however, the Rossin is much much darker, and is more concerned with death and destruction.

    I am not 100 percent sure what it is about this book that only made it only okay to me. I think at times I got a touch lost in what a Geist was and how they were created and destroyed. I think that there was lack of explanation about this in the beginning of the book, which lead me to be confused for the first bit. Just so everyone knows, I equated the Geist as an evil spirit that was able to possess or haunt people, but if they were powerful enough they were able to take their own form to attack people (hopefully this understanding will possible help you enjoy the book more). There were also a few slow parts but there were battles and fights, but they just seemed to be Wham Bam, done. I think this is the part where the story and writing lacked was within the fighting scenes, which are very key to this story (and to me when I am reading a book). They seemed to be somewhat disjointed at times, and even slow and battles should never feel slow. However, I did like that the ending of the book was not quite as cookie cutter as you would expect.

    I think this is a pretty good start to a new series, not the best I have read this year, but still interesting. I know that there is going to be a second book in the series, and I am interested to see what happens next, but it is not a priority like some of the other debuts. If you are looking for a paranormal book that is more on the fantasy side, then this book is for you. Also if you are looking for something different from what has become the norm in the paranormal genre you should take a look at this book as well. There is also a little bit of romance and I think there is just enough romance within the book that it would appeal to those who like paranormal romance (however, you have to be aware that the romance is secondary within the book).


    You can find this and more of my review on my book review blog j9books.blogspot.com/

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