• New Moon and Twilight Quiz

    Posted by Cathy B, 7 years ago

    Here is another non mulitple choice quiz, I mixed up a couple questions from New Moon and Twilight, They aren't in any real order. **SPOILER ALERT**

    Why Did Bella's friend Jessica get so upset at Bella for after their "girls night"?

    Name 3 members of the Volturri Family

    Why did Alice Lie to Jasper when her and Bella were on the plane to Italy?

    Why Did Edward think Bella Died?

    Where was Bella when she first saw the sign for the motorcycles, and what did the For Sale Sign Say?

    Where Did Bella first bump into Laurent in New Moon?

    What Powers does Jasper Have?

    What Celebration is going on When Bella and Alice arrive in Volterra

    Why Was Rosalie Orginally brought into the Family?

    What Triggers Jaspers "Attack" on Bella?

    When and Where was Carlisle Born

    What happened to Sam Uleys Fiance Emily?

    What did the note Say that Edward Forged from Bella when he Ended it with her?

    Why did Bella Have to guess what Jacob was?

    What Brought on Jacobs and Pauls Fight?

    How Many Monthes past before bella starting going out again?

    Who is Mary Brandon?

    What is Edwards Full Name?

    What War was Jasper an Officer In?

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  • 7 years ago

    those are some good questions!

    can you answer the Mary Brandon one please? i really can't remember - or at least give me a hint lol

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  • Cathy B

    • Top Blogger

    7 years ago

    Mary Brandon is Alice, When she was researcing herself she found out that was her real name, I would have given you a hint, but i couldn't think of anything lol

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  • 7 years ago

    lol i wouldn't have got that one anyways

    i am going to reread the whole series again (probably several times over) - i just need to find time!

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