Fifty Shades of Grey

    Posted by CANDI, 3 years ago

    So I have joined the Fifty Shades group, which seems to consist of every woman I know over the age of 15.
    I knew going in it was based on Twilight Fan-fic, so I was prepared for disliking the main female character, Ana, as much as I did. I will not go on about the bad editing, as it's been done in countless other reviews, nor will I complain much about Ana's constant references to he inner goddess or her fondness for the phrases "oh my" and "holy crap". It's insanely irritating and seriously, how does a girl get by when all she does is whisper? Wanted to punch her in the face!
    What I want to comment on is my sympathy for Christian for having fallen for such a ninny.
    *spoilers below!*
    I have read much about how Christian Grey is nothing more than an abusive psycho and I have to disagree. The problem is that he fell for the wrong girl. There are many girls out there who would not be so horrified by his lifestyle because they have stepped outside their bubble at some point in their lives. He has a past that has messed him up and that he does not want to talk about. Ana does not understand why he won't tell her every detail about his life and so she is constantly pushing his buttons. Despite this need for his dirty secrets, she is horrified that he asks her when her period is as this is "too personal". Whatever! If you're with the guy, he has a right to know, doesn't he? Another point of defense is that he tells her everything he is going to do, in minute detail, before he does it, followed by "do you understand?" If she is uncomfortable with anything, this is the time to speak up. Instead, she nods and thinks to herself "why does he want to hit me?"
    I could go on and on in this vein. I will finish the series to find out what happens (although I'm not anticipating any big surprises). It's a compelling, trashy, beach read with too much mundane sex. Seriously, I found the sex a bit boring after a while as there was SO MUCH of it!

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