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    Posted by Belle, 4 years ago

    Sorry about the last post, I was using a public computer and we weren't getting along. I just wanted to give you guys a list of my current favourite books, since it's been ages since I've made a post of any kind. All of these are great reads. I hope the comments are helpful ^.^

    • This is probably my top favourite book. I picked it up because the guy on the cover looks like one of my friends XD I wasn't expecting it to be so amazing. From the first page, I was laughing my head off (read the book and the pun becomes hilarious!) Sam is just your average post-high school guy, rocking the job at the fast food joint. But his life becomes everything BUT normal after he smashes someone's car playing potato hockey. I just love this book, I'm dying to read the next one! It's so hard to find a book that's dark AND funny AND unpredictable AND wonderfully twisted like this one ;)

    • Similar to Hold Me Closer, Necromancer, but I read this one first. This series is called the Chronicles of Nick, and the books are as awesome as the series' name. Nick lives in the slums of New Orleans, he and his mother struggle to make ends meet. He attends a preppy school as their "special" scholarship student, and Nick's smartass attitude doesn't let ignore the taunts of the jocks. He meets his destiny in a back alley, assisting a mugging, getting shot turns out to be the best thing that could have happened to him.

    • I just read this book this week and it's amazing! It's an alternate beginning of the first world. The author explores what might have happened if Charles Darwin had been born into more advanced technology. The Alliance is armed with genetically modified beasts called fabs and the Germans with destructive war machines. There are two main characters, and the point of view switches between the two. Deryn is a girl masquerading as a boy in the British Air Force, and Alek is the son of the murdered Archduke of Austria-Hungary, and heir to the throne. The series continues in Behemoth, which is equally amazing!

    • This book is my guilty pleasure =3 And I know what you're thinking, "Oh no, not another vamp book..." but this series is really good, and the main character Vlad is soooooo hot! The first couple of books are really funny, but the series gets a bit darker later on as the plot progresses. My favourite book in the series is the third, Tenth Grade Bleeds

    • This is by far my favourite faerie series. The author uses Norse mythology, which is uncommon and very interesting. Zara is just an average teen, moving in with her grandmother in the middle of nowhere Maine (don't worry, it's not Twilight all over again.) But the little town turns out to be everything put quiet and peaceful as boys start to disappear, and someone -or something- is stalking Zara... This book is unpredictable and the love interest is atypical and original. The sequel is even better than this one and the third is still excellent

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