Pretty (Gruesome) Little Liars

    Posted by Amanda Larkin, 4 years ago

    I tried out this series because one of the girls who wanted them for our local library said they were a teen mystery. Teen mysteries are something I don't see very often, what with the prevalence of supernatural and distopian books currently flooding our shelves. I thought I would give it a chance. Two books later, I put the series to bed.

    I could say it was because of the caracters--their maliciousness, their choices, the coldheartedness of their families--but for the first time... it wasn't. Normally books that feature females who smoke, drink, drive drunk, sleep with their teachers, their sister's boyfriends, and cheat, make me livid. I realize that there are girls who regularly behave this way, but books tend to glamorize it.

    The difference in this one was that I didn't feel the author was glamorizing it. The girls would try to cover up their behaviour, but the lies would always threaten to come out. The actions they took only got them into more and more trouble. I actually began to pity the characters. I wanted them to stop victimizing themselves and others, to just *confess* already and get it over with! Particularly with Emily, who needs to learn to embrace her sexuality, becuase honestly, compared to having slept with your English teacher, what's being gay?

    And that is what killed the series for me. I discovered that after 9 books, the killer is caught, A is stopped, and a new A begins to terrorize them. The girls get into new trouble, they never learn their lessons, they never stop lying.

    I think the author started off with a good series. The chapters were fast and easy to read, making it great for reluctant readers. The content would make it great for teenagers. Each book unravels a little bit more of the mystery, and narrows out another suspect. But the lesson in morality is lost. As a result, the series has lost me, as well.

    I will just find out who the killer was on Wikipedia, and I will be content with that.

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