• An Endless Pile of Books!

    Posted by bairimeng, 5 years ago

    I have a terrible habit of purchasing books on a complete whim and not reading them straight away. Usually, this urge tends to kick in during summer break and winter break. This year, I'm proud to say, I haven't succumbed as much as I usually do, although I have made a few guilty book buys occasionally.

    What makes these impulse purchases about ten times worse, is that they tend to be a part of a series and usually, a rather lengthy series consisting of 7 books or more. They`re also usually ongoing too! I`m sure many understand the feeling of starting up a brand new series and the excitement when it`s a fresh book with fresh new characters.

    I`m weak for that feeling, I guess. And so, succumb to it rather often. The problem with this is not only the daunting list of books I now need to read that only continue to accumulate, but also the fact that reading a lengthy series without a change of scenery can really make even an excellent book drag. I begin to tire of the same writing style, the same world, the same scenery with the same protagonist. And before I know it, I tire of the book entirely and rarely pick it back up to finish. Perhaps that also impairs my view on how good the book is compared to how bored I begin to feel with it.

    That is the real problem. However, if I don`t continue the series and leave it for a while as I read something else, by the time I get back to it, I`ve forgotten more than half of the events that occurred!

    Here are my latest impulse purchases; all of which are indeed, series starters:

    Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson
    The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
    Staked by J.F. Lewis
    Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard

    Who ever thought reading books would need structure and a schedule?

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