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Angel St. Peter

Angel St. Peter

  • About Me:

    I used to be an ordinary person doing ordinary things. Until one day I noticed someone moved in next door. Not long after she decided to bring over her Twilight saga for me to read. Now I can't stop.... and I have a serious problem. Since I can't seem to find any more really good supernatural books to read, I've decided to branch out and try cute teenage love stories. Nothing that is gonna enhance my knowledge, but I do really enjoy reading them.

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  • Blue Bug

    Blue Bug says:

    So how are you liking The Last Song so far?
    As for another Nicholas Sparks book that has a happy ending, well I've only read three and they all have bittersweet endings (The Last Song. The Choice, The Notebook). I've also seen the Notebook and read the book and I have to say that I really liked both.

  • castawayrainbow

    castawayrainbow says:

    I suggest you to join the vampire academie group it has a lot of information about the VA's

  • castawayrainbow

    castawayrainbow says:

    Totally! i absolutley love them

  • Nataliee

    Nataliee says:

    Oh, of course! I appreciate you saying so :) Well, I don't want to ruin too much, but it ends with the death of the "hunk" of the story. The main character get pregnant - so something happens with the baby. Also, it has an open ending where you're left wondering what happens with her. PS. I met Ellen Hopkins last week, she's so amazing! But if you're interested in other books written by her, I recommend "Identical" or "Impulse". Her new novel, "Tricks" is also amazing! Hope I helped! :)

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