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Always and Forever by Annette J Dunlea

5 years ago

My Latest Book is Now On Sale
Product Details
Published on: 2009-03-17
Binding: Paperback
170 pages


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A Love Tale With A Twist Until A DVD and Letter Is Found

Katie Bowen and Ronan O'Hanlon are love's young dream. They date and after a bad start fall head over heels in love. On the night she wins the Rose of Tralee … view post

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Annette J Dunlea Irish Author

Annette J Dunlea Irish Author

  • I'm living in: Cork

  • About Me:

    Annette Julia Dunlea is the author of Always and Forever and The Honey Trap. She is a frequent contributor to the local newspapers. She writes fiction novels for a living, short stories by commission and poetry for pleasure. Author's website: My Space: Facebook: Goodreads: Follow Me on Twitter:

  • Favourite Author:

    Maeve Binchy

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