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  • kess

    kess says:

    Thanx, Barb!!! I'm going to have to give her changling books a try!!

  • kess

    kess says:

    Barb, I've mada a mistake! It's NOT Skin Trade that I found to be so short it's FLIRT> Sorry, chalk it up to reading too many books!!! LOL! Anyways happy reading!!!!

  • kess

    kess says:

    Hi Barb. YES, I've read the ANGEL series by Nalini Singh and I've read all of Christine Feehans Dark series and Leopard series. LOVE THEM!!!! I've even reread the entire dark series. I've NEVER tried Nalini's psy-changling series. Are they really that good? I haven't heard any other recommendation for that series. I might check them out if they are.

  • Annastacia Dickerson

    Annastacia Dickerson says:

    Thanks for the feeback on Wolf Tales. They are on my wish list. We were discussing them on my group called THE DELTA OF VENUS. Would you care to join?

  • Annastacia Dickerson

    Annastacia Dickerson says:

    Hey Barb. I saw your feedback in the L K Hamilton group. I would like to invite you to join us at my group THE FERTILE IMAGINATION. Hope to see you there!

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  • Delta of Venus: Sex, Art & Literature

    ******New Members Welcome******* A group dedicated to an open forum to share, discuss and appreciate the classic and contemporary, shadowy arts of Erotica in art, literature & poetry.

    48 members

  • nursing

    this is a group for all the nursed out there. or even if you have an interest in medicial. I love it!!

    6 members

  • Blackdagger Brotherhood Fans

    For all those who love bad boys with good hearts. Not to mention bodies that make a grown woman weep with desire.

    25 members

  • All books Nalini Singh!

    This group is for those who love Nalini's books, from the Psy-Changeling series to Angels Blood, to just Nalini Singh as an author.=)

    6 members

  • Laurell K Hamilton Fans

    For those of you who enjoy reading Laurell K Hamilton's works. Let's talk about Anita, Merideth, the vampires, the were's, Faerie and anything else we can think of!

    36 members

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