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5 years ago

Come Visit the Paranormal Life at view post

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Bonnie Lea Elliott

Bonnie Lea Elliott

  • I'm living in: San Antonio

  • Rewards member
  • About Me:

    I am a novelist and have four children and two Grandchildren. Love to write and I am completing a new Book at the moment.

  • Favourite Author:

    Nora Roberts

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  • Lady Ethereal Butterfly

    Lady Ethereal Butterfly says:

    I think it's great that you use your website to help other authors. I'll pass on the link to your website to some of the people I email regularly.

    Have a great day!

  • Lady Ethereal Butterfly

    Lady Ethereal Butterfly says:

    You're welcome! I definitely enjoyed your site. It must be a lot of work for you, but rewarding work.

  • Lady Ethereal Butterfly

    Lady Ethereal Butterfly says:

    I most definitely will take a proper tour when I have some free time to spend on the computer. I'll make sure to sign the guest book as well.

    Happy reading!

  • Lady Ethereal Butterfly

    Lady Ethereal Butterfly says:

    Thanks for the link to your website! At first (before I clicked the link) I was thinking "how could she know I'd like it just by my display picture?" Now I completely understand! Haha.

    I hope you have a wonderful day!

  • Bonnie Lea Elliott

    Bonnie Lea Elliott says:

    Hey everyone, I have not posted in awhile have been finishing up the second book to Captive Souls (Soul Surrender) I see my book is finally available on this site here in Canada ! I am happy about that. I revamped my site and have 12 Authors there, Mostly paranormal authors. Check it out and Happy reading! Bonnie Lea

  • Cindy L

    Cindy L says:

    Sometimes they are temporarily unavailable, say if it is going from Hardcover and going to be available in another printing say a tradepaperback. So they may not have stock anticipating the new format. I used to work at Chapter a few years back. Or it may just be a customs issue, waiting for a shipment to arrive. And, yes I liked the site what I did see, will have to check it out in more depth when I am not at work.

  • Cindy L

    Cindy L says:

    I just checked as I was going to pick up a copy of your book and it is temporarily unavailable on the site. I will add it to my wish list and keep on checking in. Thanks

  • Cindy L

    Cindy L says:

    Thanks, Check out Kelley Armstrong's page on the site and you will see what I mean by a badge ( she is an author as well ). I will definately check out you website.

  • ♥tally lamora♥

    ♥tally lamora♥ says:

    that sounds really good i'll haev to check it out i started reading it on that web page but i had hmwk to do so i will haev to go finish reading it :D

  • ♥tally lamora♥

    ♥tally lamora♥ says:

    no i haven't i will definately check it out so what is your book about exactly? and no problem for befriending always happy to have more ppl i can share thoughts with :)

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