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8 years ago

In talking with a customer of mine about the book "Reading Lolita in Tehran" she mentioned a book in a similar vein about a beauty shop opening in a country where women were not encouraged to embellish themselves. It sounded interesting, but I cannot remember the title or the author. Can anyone help with this information? view post

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Christine L

Christine L

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  • Shanie aka Raksha

    Shanie aka Raksha says:

    You have my email, I think...I'm going to see about getting on to Goodreads - sounds like a good idea. Thankx.

  • Shanie aka Raksha

    Shanie aka Raksha says:

    Glad to hear what you are up to!

  • Booktasia

    Booktasia says:

    OK thanks. How is everything. Weird weather for sure.

  • Booktasia

    Booktasia says:

    I can't open the message. please resend.

  • Shanie aka Raksha

    Shanie aka Raksha says:

    Thanks Christine...what we say to each is great, but said to the "world" at large validates our efforts [& provides good info!

  • Shanie aka Raksha

    Shanie aka Raksha says:

    W/ my avatar no one knows who I am, but Iike to read reviews by people other than the publisher, so I keep doing it. Sometimes I agree w/the publisher, sometimes I don,t. I got a really nasty email from Lorna Baarrett 2 yrs ago - I panned a portion of 1 of her books.

  • Shanie aka Raksha

    Shanie aka Raksha says:

    The secret is: to cut & paste! Oh, so much I just have to bet back to reading...still having some problems, but w/summer on the way...all things will be okay!

  • Shanie aka Raksha

    Shanie aka Raksha says:

    Hi Christine - could you put the reviews of Devil, Gods, & Sacre Bleu on line under the Indigo book entries? These are really good reviews of same & would be great to share w/all Indigo 'shoppers', not just the community... Many thanks! Yes, they are now in my TBRs for the summer! Will I ever get to the end of these shelves??? Tee-he-he...

  • MythReader

    MythReader says:

    Thanks for accepting :)

  • Shanie aka Raksha

    Shanie aka Raksha says:

    It's on the way...slightly scatalogical...

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