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  • ♥tally lamora♥

    ♥tally lamora♥ says:

    hey ncie too meet you :) looks like we have coem books in common can't wait to get your opinions on them!!! happy readings

  • Tomato Rodriguez

    Tomato Rodriguez says:

    Snap! I live in a town near where you live (I don't want to say, people may stalk here, but it starts with an N and is 1/2 hour east). Do you like it there? I've lived between here and there my whole life. Where abouts are you living?
    SEVEN CATS? Lucky!

  • Tomato Rodriguez

    Tomato Rodriguez says:

    That's exciting! Where are you moving from/to? Are you getting a kitten, or adopting a cat? I love kittens! They are the CUTEST baby animal!

  • Tomato Rodriguez

    Tomato Rodriguez says:

    hah! Brodie (dog) always terrorizes Oscar, but he mostly puts up with it because he's too old to be ruffing around with a young canine hooligan. they get along well though, & can be on the same bed together and even curled up sometimes. but he doesn't go near Frodo (except when he's chasing her) because she swipes him good when he does. he looks at her and she's arleady on the defensive, with her hair pricked up and a low growl in her throat. i've gotten in the middle of a few claw grabs myself!

  • Tomato Rodriguez

    Tomato Rodriguez says:

    Lol, my two cats (Oscar, 16 a male & Frodo, 3 a female) are so cute, they always get away with stuff lol. I'm a big suck for those felines, and Brodie my b*st*rd dog! He gets into everything, and I still spoil him! Except for when he terrorizes Frodo...homie don't play dat ;)

  • Tomato Rodriguez

    Tomato Rodriguez says:

    Hey Elizabeth, how's it going? Adorable picture!

  • BookWorm

    BookWorm says:

    Welcome to the Funky Funkes, Elizabeth Kerr! I hope you enjoy posting. If you look on the group page, I added a post of good Funke books to read. Enjoy!


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  • The Funky Funkes

    This book is for chatting about Cornelia Funke's marvelous books. Inkheart, Inkspell, The Thief Lord, and her many other works. Join the fan club of the world's third most popular children's author.

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  • Science Fiction & Fantasy

    For lovers of everything sci/fi fantasy. From contemporary to epic to weird and wonderful it belongs here.

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  • Harry Potter

    Harry Potter is being forgotten!!! Join if you want to discuss anything about HP including movies, books and J.K. Rowling!

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  • Less Stereotypical Teen Books

    For those who like to read books not entirely focused on the stereotypical(cliques, popularity) aspects of teens.

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