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The Book of Awesome trailer

5 years ago

My new pick, The Book of Awesome, has an awesome trailer. This too has an interesting story. The trailer was created by a musician and his graphic artist girlfriend. Neither have ever met the author, but both have been totally hooked by the joyfulness of his website They were inspired to create this promotional video. view post

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  • Kate Matthews

    Kate Matthews says:

    Very pleased to have befriended you! I get a lot out of your reviews & recommendations. Happy reading! Kate

  • Neil Smith

    Neil Smith says:

    Hello there.

    Yes, Ayaan is simply amazing. I just finished her book of essays as well (The Caged Virgin). I would love to meet her and you. I'm quite excited that Aayan is now with Knopf Canada too.

    I'm working on a novel set in a heaven designed for atheists. It's to be called Heaven Is a Place Where Nothing Ever Happens. I hope to finish a draft soon. Thanks for the book recommendation. I'll definitely pick up Cutting for Stone.

    All the best,


  • Joanna Phillips

    Joanna Phillips says:


  • Joanna Phillips

    Joanna Phillips says:

    Hey Heather, I heard that an Indigo will be opening in Milton, Ontario. When will this happen?

  • Joanna Phillips

    Joanna Phillips says:

    Hi Heather! I was extremely happy to learn that an Indigo will be opening up in Milton. Could you let me in on the details so I can share them with my friends and co-workers?

  • Laura Cooke

    Laura Cooke says:

    Hello Heather!
    I wonder if you have read Outcast by Sadie Jones. It is a moving first novel. I highly recommend it.

  • Neil Smith

    Neil Smith says:

    A quick note, Heather, to tell you how much I loved Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. I stayed up till 4 a.m. reading this eye-opening autobiography on the weekend. This woman is courageous and inspiring. I hope to have a chance to meet her one day. (She just signed a book deal with Knopf Canada, my publisher.) I've already ordered The Caged Virgin to read more about Ms. Ali. Thanks for making this book a Heather's Pick. And thanks again for your support of my book.

    Neil Smith

  • Marvin Ross

    Marvin Ross says:

    Heather: Further to our discussion a couple of weeks ago about the novel, Cutting For Stone, see This is a profile of the doctor who did the feature film Cutting for Stone

  • Hannah M

    Hannah M says:

    Definetely pick up A Year Of Living Biblically- I read it two years ago and adored it. Interesting how it could make you question so many things (even though I decided I was an atheist when I was eleven) and yet make you laugh out loud. A.J. Jacobs is quite a guy.
    This is the first time I checked out your profile, being a new member, but glad to see we're on the same page! (Loved The Blind Assassin. And The Book Of Negroes is next on my list.)

  • Jeanette Ramnarine

    Jeanette Ramnarine says:

    Hi Heather,

    I just wanted to touch base with you this week. Thank-you for congratulations on the Mom's Choice Award. Shortly we'll be receiving the seals for the book and an awards package. I look forward to hearing your feedback on "The 4 Little Pigs". Thanks again for taking the time to have a look at my book.

    Best Wishes,

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