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book club

6 years ago

greetings avid readers,
i need help; any idea how/where i can join an active book club in montreal???
thanks for any suggestions. view post

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Joanne Elkaim

Joanne Elkaim

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  • Naomi Belinsky

    Naomi Belinsky says:

    The Gravediggers daughter was very long, the first 20 pages or so are all about the main character walking home from work....Hard to finiah. The Time Travellers Wife was confusion and a little too long, it could have ended about 5 chapters before it did. My sister knew what the book was about before she read it and loved it. I on the other hand didn't know what it was about (recommended buy a friend) and was not too impresed.
    I'm now reading Breaking Dawn, last book in the Twilight series.

  • Naomi Belinsky

    Naomi Belinsky says:

    Next on my list to read is "The Time Traveller's Wife" Have you read it, if you're interested we can compare notes on it when we both finish it. I am trying (hard) to continue the Gracediffers Daughter. Let me know what you think of it when you have finished it.

  • Naomi Belinsky

    Naomi Belinsky says:

    I have started reading it and I am not impressed. The first 20 pages is about the main character being followed from work to home. I have continued reading, but am really not impressed. Let me know what you think...

  • CeyLo

    CeyLo says:

    Ohh.. I read book of negroes last year.... one of my favourites from last year really...
    this year so far... read people of the book which i really enjoyed... now i'm reading the boleyn inheritance .... it's a nice light read :) oh... the given day... that is hopefully my next read... are you liking it?

  • CeyLo

    CeyLo says:

    how's the reading going ??? anything good lately?

  • CeyLo

    CeyLo says:

    hey. sorry to hear you have been sick... hope you get better soon :)
    The Reader was good - but you know I think I would have enjoyed it better had I read it before seeing the movie, or sometime after... It's not a very long book at all... The movie is pretty faithful to the story.
    I'm enjoying the Historian... They do visit my home town ... It's a little interesting from that perspective:) although I don't remember ever seeing Vampires in Istanbul:)lol It is a long book though! like pillars!

  • CeyLo

    CeyLo says:

    Hey there... How's Pillars going? i'm reading the historian now... it's going ok for me.... :)

  • CeyLo

    CeyLo says:

    cont... I did like Can you Keep a Secret... Although... it did make me think time to come out of hybernation and find a BF.. and stuff like that NEVER happens to me on planes :( SIGH!!!

  • CeyLo

    CeyLo says:

    Well... Life is too short to read books you really don't like... Who knows next time, maybe it will work out ! I think iI've started Poisonwood Bible about 3 times now and put it down each time. Everyone says it's great... but I dunno.. Will try again one day!
    Pillars!! Wow. you'll be reading that for a while. I read it in the fall. It was really good - although I say it could have been a 100 pages shorter :) I started the Reader... it's going ... ok...

  • CeyLo

    CeyLo says:

    How's it going? have you given up yet on the potato folks?

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