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My Reading Pile (Continues to Get Bigger) Version 3.0

4 years ago

These pictures were taken on January 20, 2010. All of the books on this bookcase are UNREAD, and at last count there was 346 of them. Yes, I know this is out of control and ridiculous.

The first photo is of the whole bookcase. There are 5 shelves, and each shelf has 2 rows of books, plus books piled on top of the rows.

The second photo is of the front rows of top 3 shelves. The top shelf is mainly paranormal, urban fantasy, dark fantasy, and high fantasy. The second … view post

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Lady Ethereal Butterfly

Lady Ethereal Butterfly

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  • Elisa

    Elisa says:

    Haha, you're lucky I get email notifications still because that didn't even cross my mind. I just find that community loads so slowly and it's harder to find my books and I can't organize them like I want to. Thus Goodreads kicks its butt. I never got into the group thing too heavily so I haven't really lost anything. Haha, nice! Mine are still pretty recent. It's been less time than it feels (I checked, haha).

  • Elisa

    Elisa says:

    OMG barely! I haven't in months! I remember months ago realizing how long it's been since I updated my shelf and then I never did it. I don't know how long it's been since I was on community. I'm not doing any updating, goodreads is enough for me atm. Hi!!

  • VWrulesChick

    VWrulesChick says:

    Thanks for accepting my friend request, Lady Ethereal Butterfly!

    Happy Reading!

  • ♥tally lamora♥

    ♥tally lamora♥ says:

    hey Lady,

    How's it been going? thought i'd drop a line and anything good lately?

  • Kris (Sana)

    Kris (Sana) says:

    Hey LED!

    Its been soooo long since I spoke to you! How have you been? I hope everything is going well! Hope to hear from you sometime!

    Happy Reading!

  • **Darien**

    **Darien** says:

    Merry Christmas, we should catch up!

  • K

    K says:

    Sorry again for the delay, we came back from vacation and went straight into hockey for my three kids. We go to a lodge up north, family orientated and relaxing, I got to read 10 books. I've read the Mercy Thompson series and loved them. I'm waiting impatiently for the next book to come down in price and I'll purchase it for my kobo.

  • Drew Blood

    Drew Blood says:

    Wow, the weather must be spectacular in near Vancouver if you haven't been able to keep up with your sandbox friends. Stop by for a chat when you have time - we've missed you :)

  • Lokki

    Lokki says:

    Hey. Thanks. The job is working out well, and it is less stress since the pay cheque is constant. I still work from home some so that's nice.

    Summer is my favourite because it's cottage season, but fall would be be second choice. Love the clear, crisp starry nights and the smell of bonfires.

    Hope you are having a nice long weekend.

  • Maggie.

    Maggie. says:

    No problem, thanks for accepting! :)

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