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  • Paul Cavanagh

    Paul Cavanagh says:

    Hi Luanne,
    Thought you might be interested in a little blog I started up about my Lit Idol experience. You can check it out at

  • Bianca Moon

    Bianca Moon says:

    happy thanksgiving

  • Paul Cavanagh

    Paul Cavanagh says:

    That it is!

  • Paul Cavanagh

    Paul Cavanagh says:

    Hi Luanne - I'm working on number two as we speak. I'll be sure to let you know when it's done.

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  • Avid Book Readers

    Talk about the books that we have read and annouce new books on the market that are not yet known to the public, but are great reading, share the enjoyment.

    13 members

  • After Midnight Bookworms

    You can have a debate on a certain author, artist, review....Maybe there's an upcoming event you would like to talk about. For instance, the midnight masquerade on August 1st....Meet new friends and have fun!

    52 members

  • Murder/Mystery fans!

    We're talking Deaver & Connelly fans here- Everyone loves these books!

    13 members

  • Reading, my private place.

    A group for those who simply love reading, who find it to be a place where they can escape daily pressures, a private sanctuary.

    30 members

  • Blogger Corner

    A group to share links and interesting blogs that relate to books, literature, and creative writing.

    100 members

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