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Red Carpet Alert!

6 years ago

Anyone up for a stroll down the Red Carpet for a very special event? That could actually happen…all you have to do is purchase Donna Woolfolk Cross book: Pope-Joan- and you just might be that lucky person! Can you imagine?!

For details on how to enter for this one–of-a-kind special event, just go check out this site:

I just started reading this one and so far it's amazing. view post

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Lucy Bertoldi

Lucy Bertoldi

  • I'm living in: Montreal

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  • About Me:

    Besides being a teacher and Language consultant- I'm a history buff and avid reader of historical fiction. That's my hobby! I'm very interested with everything about the 18thc or earlier- and - especially Venice.

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  • giovanna aiezza

    giovanna aiezza says:

    Of course it's me...... with + 30 years! A clue? Remember when we painted your bedroom furniture violette and black ..... and a Red wall ? Oh! can I have another mailbox where I can write to?

  • Melissa M

    Melissa M says:

    Hi. Cate Crowe passed your name along to me as I mentioned to her that I was interested in reading some of Jean Plaidy's novels. Cate noted that you may be able to suggest a good place to start. I was thinking of giving the Plantagenet novels a try first, but I'm open to suggestions. Thanks for your help.

  • Cindy L

    Cindy L says:

    I don't have reviews on the sight for any of Gedge's books, as I read most of them before the sight was started, and I didn't get a computer at home untl this spring. I saved up for a Mac, because I didn't want to bring work home with me. But I guess when I find which readers journal they are in I can post them online.

  • Cindy L

    Cindy L says:

    You also might like Daughter of Troy, by Sarah B Franklin, about the Trojan War. Franklin is from Calgary. One of the best books I have read about this period.

  • Cindy L

    Cindy L says:

    Hi Lucy, I was wondering if you have ever read any of Pauline Gedges books. She is Canadian, and resides in Alberta, and writes primarily on Ancient Egypt. I highly recommend her books.

  • Cate Crow

    Cate Crow says:


  • Cate Crow

    Cate Crow says:

    Hi Lucy! My husband and I would like to visit Old Montreal at some point this year. We've exhausted Old Quebec City! Do you have any recommendations re hotels or restaurants or even great shops in the old area? Cate

  • Christine Bode

    Christine Bode says:

    Hi Lucy! I'm so glad that you joined this community. I think you'll find it really enjoyable! I think the people here are wonderful and you get to know people through the groups. They have also had free book giveaways for reviews although I think that program is currently on hold. If you have any questions, ask Merlin, he's wonderful! Talk to you soon. Happy Weekend! Christine

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