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  • Magda

    Magda says:

    No actually, i've never even heard of it. Thanks though, I'll definately look it up. I've read every single one of his newest releases though.

  • Magda

    Magda says:

    yes, i've read all his books. I used to read his column in the Star - he was always really funny. His new stuff is a lot more serious but still really good.

  • Lady Ethereal Butterfly

    Lady Ethereal Butterfly says:

    You're welcome. Thank you for replying!

    Your cats sound adorable! I bet the youngest is a bundle of energy. Two of my cats are tabby and the other one is just grey with a bit of white on him. If you post some picture of yours, send me a note so I can check them out.

    Have a stellar week and happy reading!

  • Lady Ethereal Butterfly

    Lady Ethereal Butterfly says:


    Thanks for the friend request! I'm always happy to meet a fellow booklover and cat lover. What type of cats do you have?

    I hope you had a great weekend. Happy reading!

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