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I'm back!

6 years ago

I didn't realize how long it had been since I had logged into my account here, but with 62 new notifications, I guess that tells me it's been a while. I received one new book for Christmas and bought several others using gift cards so I'm excited to get reading again.

My cousin gave me a copy of "Atonement" for Christmas in 2007 and I am just now reading it. I had seen the movie just after getting the book and it was OK. I'm finding the book very difficult to get through now … view post

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Shannon Rooke

Shannon Rooke

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  • Paul Marlowe

    Paul Marlowe says:

    Glad you liked Nightwalker, Shannon. There's a fourth book in that series due out next spring some time. Johansen also has a couple of fantasy short-story collections you might like: The Serpent Bride, and The Storyteller and Other Tales.

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