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This will be the Year!

4 years ago

There are certain books that have lived on my TBR shelf for years, classics, critically acclaimed, or "must read before you die" that I have promised myself over and over that I will get to and never do.

Well, I have finally selected 9 of these neglected, but not forgottens and have committed to reading them this year.

They are, in no particular order,

1. Birdsong...Sebastian Faulks
2. Any Human Heart...William Boyd
3. Possession....AS Byatt
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  • Jessie Wilson

    Jessie Wilson says:

    No problem dont worry about it, I did buy the book but have not read it yet I have heard nothing but good things though. :0)

  • Jessie Wilson

    Jessie Wilson says:

    Hey Stacey what did you think of On The Island I am thinking about reading it. :0)

  • Jessie Wilson

    Jessie Wilson says:

    I know what you mean I am already dying for the next Vlad and Leila and trying to wait patiently for Cat and Bones. :0)

  • Jessie Wilson

    Jessie Wilson says:

    I saw you finished Once Burned what did you think? I just LOVED it. :0)

  • Jessie Wilson

    Jessie Wilson says:

    I finished Fifty Shades Darker yesterday and it was amazing even better than the first book. Reading book three now. :0)

  • Crista

    Crista says:

    Great review of Fifty-book3. I've just started it and am agreeing completely with your summary of the trilogy!

  • Jessie Wilson

    Jessie Wilson says:

    oh wow that is a big change but at least you like it thats all that really matters. I saw that you read Daughter Of Smoke And Bone and if you like those types of books you should try The Umbecoming Of Mara Dyer if you haven't already it was a great book. :0)

  • Jessie Wilson

    Jessie Wilson says:

    your so lucky that you have already read them all already I'm dying for the second book but it's suppose to come out next week though as well as the third so hopefully the shipment is on time. I was a bit surprised that I liked it as much as I did cause I was a bit on the fence about the book but it was great. what are you reading now? :0)

  • Jessie Wilson

    Jessie Wilson says:

    Hi Stacey so I just finished Fifty Shades Of Grey and I thought it was great, I really liked the book a lot I thought it was very good and I was the sequels NOW lol, I'm very happy I got this one for my book shelf. :0)

  • Jessie Wilson

    Jessie Wilson says:

    Hey Stacey thanks for the friend invite, it looks like we have read a lot of the same books. I'll let you know what I think of Fifty Shades of Grey when i get it. If you have any book sugestions or would like some let me know. :0)

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