"Mad Hannah Rafferty", by Tony Sullivan

2 years ago

This is moving story of a young woman, a child of the late 50’s, searching for the love she lost after her father’s death. Her life slowly unravels till one day she is forcibly detained in a psychiatric institute where she writes hidden in a bathroom cubicle her memoirs on toilet paper and begins to piece her life together.

“Mad Hannah Rafferty” is a disturbing conundrum of mental problems. Through Hannah’s words and many flashbacks we learn that her father was a deluded political … view post

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Toni Osborne

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  • Shanie aka Raksha

    Shanie aka Raksha says:

    Sorry, Toni - sort of an inside joke - time in Jamaica & New Orleans - once accused of being an OBEI woman - therefore I should know Gris Gris... Once met Dame Sybil Leek in England (the White Witch), but I am not a Wiccan... go figure. Temped to do dark gris gris every time I see readers carrying unpaid books/mags into the Starbucks @ Bay/Bloor tho' - don't know how they deal w/the shrinkage there!

  • Shanie aka Raksha

    Shanie aka Raksha says:

    Hey Tiggers are Great! as are tabbies! I tho't that I'd be able to read more! Ha! I'm squeezing it in and I still have 25 books I bought last year that I haven't yet been able to touch - including Hill Harper's The Conversation - one I really want to get into. Plus several bios 'wandered' from my shelves following son's visit and haven't been able to get them back as yet. Any suggestions? Other than bad gris-gris.

  • Kelly ♥

    Kelly ♥ says:

    How are you liking Alex Crosses Trial so far? I am really anticipating it, but I have to read two more in the series first.

  • Shanie aka Raksha

    Shanie aka Raksha says:

    Brought down, bought Dragon Tattoo - want to read 1st, see later! My husband is trying to get a CD thru the CNIB - seems to be v-e-r-y popular, he will have to wait about 2.5 months to get it! The CDs save my throat, althou' we do like to sit by the fire in winter & listen to my voice....

  • Shanie aka Raksha

    Shanie aka Raksha says:

    Thanks - I am rereading in order to catch up & 'do as I suggest' - interestingly, some of my re-reads seem much better 2nd time. Could it be because I am not reading in transit, but in comfort? Boy do I like seeing that Tiger appear in the postings. Mille fois merci!

  • Shanie aka Raksha

    Shanie aka Raksha says:

    Happy holiday - finally got Patterson's #8 as well as Dragon Tatoo - will be finished with those this weekend. Thanks for all your reviews - keeps me buying...

  • wordshaker

    wordshaker says:

    If you haven't read Stieg Larsson 'The Millenium Trilogy', give it a try. Wonderful main character, intriguing. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is the first book. Cheers, Trish

  • Shanie aka Raksha

    Shanie aka Raksha says:

    Believe it or not - I'm holding out for the paperback - you probably saw how quickly I went through these. My birthday buddy has now been 'lured' to these by me. BTW - the Julie & Julia movie is SO much better than the book - now reading 'Backstage w/Julia' - so far, very interesting. Thanks for the comment.

  • Reader From The Rock

    Reader From The Rock says:

    I finished the Art of Racing in the Rain a week or so ago and it was absolutely fabulous. As an animal lover (especially dogs) I can so relate to the story. I have to find more book written from the pets perspective. Are you aware of any.

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