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The Iron King By: Julia Kagawa Part 2

5 years ago

From my last post from the beginning of the book to page 57, I was slowly getting into the book. Now on page 193, the only thing I can say about the book at the moment is Alice. Why Alice, something about a talking cat reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. I am also liking the Seelie/Unseelie courts and just have been introduced to Ash, the Unseelie's youngest prince.

Grom page 57-193, you find out a lot. From Puck running away, to Meghan finding the Seelie court and finding out that … view post

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  • Kaitlyn Douglas

    Kaitlyn Douglas says:

    Hey! Thanks for wanting to be my friend. If you have any books to reccomend, feel free to send them my way!
    Happy Reading!! :)

  • BookBitten

    BookBitten says:

    Hi thanks for the friends request!:) I see you are reading Radiant Shadows! I read the first book but for some reason wasn't able to get into it! Hope you r enjoying it:)

  • Fire and Ice

    Fire and Ice says:

    i havn't read vampire academy yet but im planning to.... and SHIVER WAS AMAZING!!!! i can't wait til Linger!!!

  • GothicGirl

    GothicGirl says:

    hey thanks for accepting my friend request! what are your favorite books? mine are anything supernatural with romance!

  • Fire and Ice

    Fire and Ice says:

    thanks for accepting my friend request! wat r ur fav books?

  • Hawk

    Hawk says:

    Have you read Dear John yet? I was wondering if it was worthwhile.

  • book lover !!!

    book lover !!! says:

    have you read the sequel to the Luxe???

  • Mel Bell

    Mel Bell says:

    Good to know. Thanks!

  • Mel Bell

    Mel Bell says:

    Hi! i see that you have read Meridian by Amber Kizer. Was it any good?

  • K.V. Johansen

    K.V. Johansen says:

    (Not enough room in one note!) I'm also reading Heisenberg's War, about the German WWII nuclear programme, and whether the scientists involved deliberately failed to succeed in making a bomb for Hitler. Also a German translation of Lord of the Rings, to improve my German, & Shadow Gate by Kate Elliott, & Immortal Prince by Jennifer Fallon, both fantasy. Just finished Flora Segunda - if you like fantasy, I'd really recommend it.

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  • Supernatural Hunters

    This group is a group that always is looking for the next big read! The only catch is that it has to include either, Vampires, werewolves, demons, etc. Any one is welcome to join and and is ALWAYS welcome to recommend books. Happy Reading!!

    262 members

  • So When's that Paranormal Goodness coming out? --- Well let me tell you...

    Thanks to a suggestion by Amy, i have decided to start a little group dedicated to upcoming/new releases in the paranormal genre. I have been posting a list on other groups for a while now but that list seems to continuously get bigger and bigger. And i run out of characters. So here i can post my list, and you ladies and gents can do the same as well. I also encourage reviews, info on new authors, news about upcoming books/series and so on.

    63 members

  • Mythical People and Creatures

    This group is made for the sole purpose of dicusing books with all types of Mythical people and creatures. This includes vampires, werewolves, witches, wizards etc. Any book with any myth is open for discussion.

    33 members

  • For The Love Of Dogs..... (and ALL animals)

    This a group for all the dog (and all animal) lovers out there. A place to discuss training techniques, quality food brands, fun toys and anything related to dogs (and all animals)! I started this group manly for dog lovers but really I love all pets

    59 members

  • Scrap Bookers Unite!

    This is a group for all those interested in scrapbooking. Its a place to share ideas, and photos. Digital scrap booking or regular scrap booking this is the place for you!

    36 members

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