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  • I'm living in: Toronto

  • About Me:

    I'm an artistic creation living day by day from rooted inspiration

  • Interests:

    reading art fashion activism

  • Favourite Quote:

    Inspire before you Expire

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  • Kaitlyn Douglas

    Kaitlyn Douglas says:

    Hey! Thanks for excepting my friend request! If you have any books to reccomend, feel free to send them my way!
    Happy Reading!! :)

  • ♥tally lamora♥

    ♥tally lamora♥ says:

    lol yes apparently we do :P actually i know a lot of book lovers who lack that ability :P and ya i def will

  • Mel Bell

    Mel Bell says:

    Thanks for the recommendations. I have read the vampire kisses series and i think they are cute too. I tried to read the vampire diaries also but never really got into them :s. LOL i suck at explaining things too, no worries!

  • Mel Bell

    Mel Bell says:

    LOL They sure do. Hey, any recommendations you can make for me?

  • Mel Bell

    Mel Bell says:

    Thanks for accepting my friend request. It looks like we have the same taste in books

  • ♥tally lamora♥

    ♥tally lamora♥ says:

    OMG im the SAME way ppl always ask me and i just turn to them adn im like do you really wanna knwo casue ur just gunna hear me butcher the explanation to this awesome book and then if u do explain it to ppl they either just look confused or weirded out by what your reading or they just totally were asking out of politeness and its like dude book readers dont care if everyone knows what their reading lol and ok sounds kinda cool ill have to check it out

  • ♥tally lamora♥

    ♥tally lamora♥ says:

    omg i know i saw new moon bandages!! i was like coem on VAMPIRES DONT BLEED!!!!!! i dont even think harry potter got that big lol but ya i know now i see people reading it and im like are u reading it cause its a good book or cause you think the movie was soo awesome lol and whats that series about? i have yet to hear of it

  • ♥tally lamora♥

    ♥tally lamora♥ says:

    no i know exactly what you mean no worries :P:) and i know im actually slightly sick of them (except not of the good vampire series lol) but omg i wish the twilight movies would just be done with i cant stand the screaming preteen girls WHO hAVEN"T EVEN READ THE BOOKS!!!! ugh (sorry i get agitated easily over this issue :P)

  • ♥tally lamora♥

    ♥tally lamora♥ says:

    i've heard a couple people say they really like that book but i picked it up in chapters and was like meh doesnt sound all that great but maybe i should give it a second chance

  • ♥tally lamora♥

    ♥tally lamora♥ says:

    lol ya prob adn i know what you mean everything is starting to get released right now :D YAY!!!!

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  • what's on your mind

    This is a group for anyone to say whatever is on their mind(as long as its tasteful) You can talk about books,movies,things that bug you the weather whatever.

    42 members

  • Scholastic Canada

    For fans of Scholastic Canada's books and authors. Scholastic Canada is proud to publish works by Robert Munsch, Jeremy Tankard, Jeff Smith, Suzanne Collins, Barbara Reid, Gordon Korman, Cornelia Funke, R.L. Stine, and many more incredible authors.

    53 members

  • !*~Writers and Readers~*!

    This group is for anyone that loves reading and/or writing! If you have anything that you've written posted on the internet, then post the links here!

    54 members

  • The Book Club.

    If you love books that include vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, demons and etc.With a little romance included, this is the club for you. We get a new book every three weeks and then we discuss it. Ideas are welcome. Other genres open for discussi

    43 members

  • The Beatles FTW!

    Anyone who simple adores The Beatles .

    13 members

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