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  • Midnight Sunrise

    Midnight Sunrise says:

    Thanks for the friend invite, it's nice to meet you! :)

  • Courtney Clarke

    Courtney Clarke says:

    i'm doing good, how are you doing? i actually just read " Abraham Lincoln, vampire hunter" and am now reading "Queen Victoria, Demon Hunter" and i love them! i thought i would hate them, but i love them. how about you? whatcha reading? hope you're doing good as well :)

  • Courtney Clarke

    Courtney Clarke says:

    no, she doesn't have an account..yet, but she LOVES reading and soon i may have to set one up for her. that's too bad for your little cousin :( now is the time to encourage reading with kids. that's awesome news about your acceptance into university :) which one?

  • Fizz

    Fizz says:

    hmmm.... that book looks good. i'll have to check it out. thankx!

  • Courtney Clarke

    Courtney Clarke says:

    i've been good, how are you?

  • Courtney Clarke

    Courtney Clarke says:

    my daughter is 8....not your age yet! phew lol

  • Courtney Clarke

    Courtney Clarke says:

    my daughter loves them! do you like them?

  • Courtney Clarke

    Courtney Clarke says:

    i have lots of fave books...but i love anything by Jane Austen, the shopaholic funny...and books by Barbara Erskine...very spooky! my daughter's reading the harry potter books right now and she loves them

  • Courtney Clarke

    Courtney Clarke says:

    that's great! sounds like you're very busy

  • Courtney Clarke

    Courtney Clarke says:

    hi, nice to meet you :) i love all kinds of books, lately i've been reading chick lit, but now i'm reading Barbara Erskine. i like horror and comedy movies.....i shouldn't watch horror movies cause i get nightmares LOL. i'm no longer in school, i'm an adult..well..sometimeslol, i'm 33. can you tell me a bit about you?
    talk to you later

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  • Tons of books!

    Think you have lots of books? A full bookshelf? A big pile of books? Show us! I'm sure I'm not the only one who has an addiction with books. Talk about it and post pictures of your book piles/shelves!

    24 members

  • Pagan Reading List

    A group for any and all adherents of a Pagan (neo-Pagan) path, including Wiccan's, Druids, Asatru, Hellenic Reconstructionists, Celtic Reconstructionists, Pagans, Heathens, Ceremonial Magicians, Witches, Hedge Witches etc. This group will facilitate

    18 members

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