• Some Great Books

    By Peter Sobotkiewich

    8 years ago

    Book lovers. Hardcovers will last last hundreds of years because they are printed on acid free paper. Softcovers will turn yellow and brittle much faster than you will, let alone your children.

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      The Glass Bead Game  

      Hesse Hermann

      List Price: $49.50

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      High road or low road. An ascetic intellectual life or an earthy voluptuous indulgent one. Hard to do both but hey, give it a try.

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      The existentialist question, why bother? Well bothering or not bothering are both choices so get off your couch or lounge on it as you please.

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      Wit and counter wit. A wickedly satirical journey through the lives of big and small after the Great War to end them all...(and before the not so great war).

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      Animal Farm  

      George Orwell

      List Price: $22.00


      What is it about pigs? Well try bringing a bucket of slop into their pen and it will all become perfectly clear. A metaphor for pigs in suits.

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      What happens when you don't give a damn. You die. Kind of a parody of the French in WWII unless you were in the resistance, serving overcooked sauces.

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      Lord Of The Flies  

      William Golding

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      It is a pretty good idea for mothers and fathers to spend time with their children. Read the book to discover their fate if you don't.

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      A Scanner Darkly  

      Philip K. Dick

      List Price: $31.95


      Hot in Hollywood, but hard to find his books. It's because you cannot use his last name online. His imagination is exceptional. This one is especially bent.

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      Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas And Other American Stories  

      Hunter S. Thompson

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      Better than being there. This man could smite the mighty with his barbed pen. Use his style as a template when contacting customer service anywhere.

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      Little Tales Of Misogyny  

      Patricia Highsmith

      List Price: $16.00 You Save: $0.81 (5%)

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      For guys whose wives have left them and they don't know why. Memorize and then eat the paperback.

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      The Unbearable Lightness Of Being: Twentieth Anniversary Edition  

      Milan Kundera

      List Price: $29.99 You Save: $7.50 (25%)

      Online Price: $22.49

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      A story of love versus erotic adventure. Take a librarian out to dinner. They always have something intelligent to say.

    Comments on this list:
    • 8 years ago

      Excellent choices.

      Point Counter Point: All Huxley's early books are very intelligent and witty. I always considered Point Counter Point Huxley's best, but never was aware of anyone else I knew who also liked it. If I recall correctly Spandrell (was that his name) was very fond of a piece of music by Beethoven, which was part of a larger piece of music, a symphony I believe, which one I could never figure out.

      Phillip K. *ick: "Try confessions of a Crap Artist" if you have not already read, also very good.

      Animal Farm: When I was young we studied this in school-a sure turn off. We were told then it was about communism. As the years pass I have enjoyed the book more and more as I realized it was very much about capitalism too.

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