• Top Ten Teen Spy Novels

    By Moe

    7 years ago

    Too many spy novels or mystery novels are directed to adults. Here be my top ten spy novels geared towards young adults.

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      Anthony Horowitz

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      A very good book that has been made into a movie, Stormbreaker is an excellent spy novel geared for teens and younger readers. Set in England, Alex Rider becomes a spy for MI6 when his uncle dies on a mission. A series full of several other books, the Alex Rider series is a really exciting read and it's hard to put the books down.

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      Cherub 1: The Recruit  

      Robert Muchamore

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      A close second to Stormbreaker, the CHERUB series is again set in England but instead of having just one teenaged spy, CHERUB is an organization of teens who are spies. The series revolves around teen James Adams and is very action packed.

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      Kill Game: A Gaia Moore Novel  

      Francine Pascal

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      The Fearless FBI is a great action novel but it lands the number three spot because it can be geared towards older teenagers and because the series has previous books. You need not read them but sometimes it does lead to confusion. Based on a young adult called Gaia Moore, Miss Moore is incapable of feeling fear. The Fearless FBI series is about her in training to become a FBI agent.

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      Andy Mcnab

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      Not really a spy novel, persay, but Traitor is about a teen who's grandfather was a spy and he gets tangled up with him. It's a very good read, has an excellent plot and is very well written.

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      Specialists Model Spy  

      Shannon Greenland

      List Price: $8.99


      The Specialists focuses around a group of spies who are around their late teen years. Each has an interesting story to tell and the books are great. There is loads of action and some chemistry between agents as well. A really good series, I must recommend them.

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      The Squad: Perfect Cover  

      Jennifer Lynn Barnes

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      Cheerleaders who are really spies. Bet you never saw that one coming. The Squad is a good series for reading, especially for girls looking for some girl spies. It has some good action scenes, some karate type moves and all that you love in there.

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      Young James Bond #1 Silverfin: A James Bond Adventure  

      Charlie Higson

      List Price: $9.99


      James Bond before he was ever a spy. I've only read the first one and mind you, it is good but it lacks some quality that I can't describe. I don't know, young Bond just isn't the same as the Bond we all have come to know and love and making a series about his youth seems a little...boring compared to his adulthood adventures. I know there are lots of fans out there who might disagree with this verdict but personally, I'm not a big fan.

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      Cross My Heart And Hope To Spy  


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      Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy is not the first novel of the Gallagher Girls series but for some reason, I'd Tell You That I Love You But Then I'd Have To Kill You wasn't listed. A very good book based on girls at an academy where they learn to become spies. Sometimes though it seems it's based on the girls too much and there is very little espionage action.

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      Undercover Girl #1: Secrets  

      Christine Harris

      List Price: $6.99


      Good enough book, yes, but really short. The whole series is good but again, I find it's way too short. As well, it's really directed for younger readers and girls.

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      Spy X #1: The Code  

      Peter Lerangis

      List Price: $6.99 You Save: $0.36 (5%)

      Online Price: $6.63


      About two siblings who's parents are spies. Their mother disappears and the books are about their quest to find her and uncracking the clues to get her back. Good enough but again, short and for younger teens.

    Comments on this list:
    • 7 years ago

      I enjoyed reading your list!I'm definetly putting some of these novels on my must read list!:)

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    • Steph S.

      • Chapters Employee

      6 years ago

      Great list! I've read the Stormbreaker and Gaia Moore series, but this has introduced me to a couple of other titles I'd be interested in reading!

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