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    7 years ago

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      Stephenie Meyer

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      The best book ever! Nothing I've read has been as good as this! I didn't think it was possible for a story to be so drawing! I can never put it down and I think of what's going on 24/7. I cry when something sad happens, and I'm happy whenever the characters are happy, too. I love this series so much and I'm just so grateful that Stephenie Meyer - god bless her! - wrote this amazing series!

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      Life Of Pi  

      Yann Martel

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      A great struggle in it, and, I must admit, it was a bit boring at the begining, but once oyu read past that, it's excellent. I never wanted to put it down. Great book, beautiful details, and a very meaningful and (verying in opinion) message(s).

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      The Inugami Clan  

      Seishi Yokomizo

      List Price: $15.95


      I never wanted to stop reading and I always talk about it! Wonderful and sad twist at the end, somewhat expected but still surprising at the same time. When I finished it, I wanted to read more by Seishi Yokomizo. Sadly enough... none of his other books are translated...

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      Wicked Lovely  

      Melissa Marr

      List Price: $10.99 You Save: $0.56 (5%)

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      The struggles in it are great and it's described wonderfully. There are twists and surprising throughout the book. You get attached to the characters and you can really feel their struggles, pains, and joys.

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