My Favourite Books to Give to Kids

    By Wendy Middleton

    7 years ago

    Some of these books I enjoyed myself when I was young, and others I have found later. All of them are books that I have shared with my young friends.

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      D'aulaires Book Of Greek Myths  

      Ingri D'aulaire

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      This was my all-time favourite book when I was young. I used to borrow it from the public library. Finally I bought myself a copy when I was in my twenties and then started giving it to friends' children. The illustrations are very compelling and the stories are well told.

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      Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone  

      J.K. Rowling

      List Price: $19.95 You Save: $1.00 (5%)

      Online Price: $18.95


      I first became interested in the entire Harry Potter series about the time that Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was released, and I was looking for a gift for a friend's daughter. Her mother told me that she had started this first book already in October and when I suggested that I buy her Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, her mother suggest that I buy the newest one because she was sure that her daughter would have read the second in the series before Christmas. I don't like to give kids books that I know nothing about, so I started to read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I didn't get too far when I realized that I wanted to go back to the beginning to read the whole series.

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      To Kill a Mockingbird: The Timeless Classic Of Growing Up And The Human Dignity  

      Harper Lee

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      I read this book in Grade 9, and there were very few years in my teaching career when I didn't teach it. I think that it is one of the best books ever written to get kids talking about the effects of prejudice and looking at the history of segregation. This is just a beautiful story about growing up that kids can relate to in all kinds of ways. It is also a wonderful book to re-read no matter how many times you have read it in the past.

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      Jacob Two-two Meets The Hooded Fang  

      Mordecai Richler

      List Price: $7.99


      I didn't read this book when I was young, but I have taken it as a gift when I have been travelling outside of Canada. All the kids who have received this book seemed to love it as much as I do. It is a great gift for younger siblings about 6 or 7 because they identify with Jacob's situation. I love Richler's books for adults, particularly Barney's Story, so I love to get youngsters reading his work early in their lives.

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      Holling C. Holling

      List Price: $15.95 You Save: $3.38 (21%)

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      I loved this book when I was a kid., perhaps because I lived near the lower Great Lakes and had been to the St. Lawrence Seaway, I enjoyed following the canoe in my part of Ontario. I especially loved the part when it went over Niagara Falls. Again I have given this book to kids inside and out of Canada. I think it gives them a great sense of the geography of Eastern Canada. A few aspects seem dated now, but none of the kids has complained.

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      Make Way for Ducklings  

      Robert Mccloskey

      List Price: $9.50 You Save: $0.51 (5%)

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      Captain Kangaroo used to read this book on his programme, and that is where I first heard the story. I loved the happy ending where the duck family finds a place to live. Again some details are dated, but I recently gave this book to my great niece, so a good story can speak to different generations.

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      Silverwing Saga Box Set  

      Kenneth Oppel

      List Price: $44.85

      Sold Out

      Again this is a great series for kids that I found only because I was looking for gifts for friends' children. The story is told from the point-of-view of a bat and kids seem to love this series. I sent this set to two boys in Australia and they can't wait for me to send them the fourth book in the series.

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      Hobbit (Essential Modern Classics Edition)  

      JRR Tolkien

      List Price: $9.99


      I first read this book on my own when I was in Grade 9 and loved it. I still like it better than the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The Hobbit is such a wonderful book because it can be read and enjoyed by people of different ages, so parents and kids can enjoy the story together.

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      Guests Of War Trilogy  

      Kit Pearson

      List Price: $19.00


      One of my Grade 12 students first told me of this series because it had been her favourite in elementary school. I have given it to both boys and girls with equal success. It is great because it shows the effects of WWII on children with both English and Canadian settings, and I have given these books as gifts for kids in both countries. I also like to give Pearson's book Awake and Dreaming. It too has been well received by both girls and boys.

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      Alligator Pie  

      Dennis Lee

      List Price: $9.95


      This is another book that can be given to kids of different ages from babies to early readers. All the kids I have given it to love the nonsense of this compelling rhyme. Again it is one that I have given as gifts in other countries because it is another great example of Canadian literature for kids.

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