Books everyone should read before they die

    By Corey Pretty

    5 years ago

    The most thought-provoking, sentimental, poetic, or just -plain fun novels I've ever read.

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      The Perks of Being a Wallflower  

      Stephen Chbosky

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      Short, but pleasantly surprising, This journal-type story is heartbreaking and beautiful, and is of much more realistic writing that the faux-diary "Go Ask Alice". This novel tries neither to persuade nor to condescend, but just to tell a wonderfully stitched together story. Marvellous in its simplicity.

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      Pride and Prejudice  

      Jane Austen

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      Though written from an unreliable point of view, (Lizzy is often quite proud and harsh in her observations) Jane Austen's brilliance shines through, and by the end, I was wishing that I could erase it from my memory just to have an escuse to start it over again right away.

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      Fahrenheit 451  

      Ray Bradbury

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      Eerily similar to the world we live in today, Ray Bradbury's dystopian society of fast pace and of little emotion and opinion is comprised of equal parts frightening reality and morbid fantasy, creating a world of astounding laws and horrific government, where people aren't as happy as they think they are when they're perched in front of their tvs.

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      Picture Of Dorian Gray  

      Oscar Wilde

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      Though short, and in my humble opinion, lacking some action (I was mildly surprised to find most of Dorian's decent into darkness was merely implied), "The Picture Of Dorian Gray" is one of the best books ever written. Entertaining while also being a comment on vanity, it is a haunting must-read.

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      The Hobbit  

      J. R. R. Tolkien

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      Although not technically considered a part of "Lord Of The Rings", I deeply consider it to be the first novel, and insist that to fully understand and enjoy the trilogy, you must first read "The Hobbit". It is a beautiful and epic tale of Bilbo Baggins' unwitting adventure, for which he is thrust into danger and excitement without ever have really wanted to leave his comfy house and his many many sqaure meals a day. A delightful accidental-hero, Bilbo grows to be a great asset to the others on this fateful journey. My one complaint is that we see things from his point of view, and he passes out right as the battle is getting the most exciting, and it's all simply recapped to him - and thus, us - later.

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      Animal Farm  

      George Orwell

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      An obvious satire about the ruling of a dictator, this novel is short but remarkably touching. Though it takes place through the point of view of animals, that neither distracts from the telling of the story nor ditracts from its point. The animals rebel against the mean ol' farmer under the leadership of Napoleon the pig, only to find their way of life slowly declining into a horrendous servanity again. Napoloeon rules with an iron fist through manipulation, punsihment and lies, and soon the animals can't tell pig from person. A truly wonderful satire, well worth the read.

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      Elie Wiesel

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      Tragic and tormenting, this cynical recounting (and who could blame him?!) of life in a concentration camp is eye-opening and filled to the brim with exquisite pain.

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      Son Of A Witch: Volume Two in The Wicked Years  

      Gregory Maguire

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      Son Of A Witch is, in my opinion, a fantastic tale that outshines even its predecessor. While filled with undertones that some less open-minded people may not approve of, it is still a tale worthy of Oz, though a darker, more foreboding Oz than fans of L. Frank Baum's stories would remember. Liir, Elphaba's son, is on a dangerous quest to find his half sister, Nor, and rescue her from being a political prisoner at the hands of the evil Wizard of Oz. Filled with pain, confusion, unrequieted love, and many surprises, "Son Of A Witch" is a great fantasy novel.

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