Must Reads

    By Jaclyn

    3 years ago

    The following list are books that appeal to my thurst for a good novel. I enjoy reading and encourage others to find their own books of adventure.

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      The Hunger Games Trilogy (Box Set)  

      Suzanne Collins

      List Price: $59.97 You Save: $15.00 (25%)

      Online Price: $44.97

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      I enjoyed both the characters and the story of this series. Mostly well written. I had not heard of the series until the movie was available. I picked up the series and completed it in a couple of days. Definately a page turner. The books have drama, action and soft romance throughout. My husband also enjoyed reading them. A little graphic for the age category of characters but not too far fetched from the harsh reality of our world.

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      Veronica Roth

      List Price: $11.99 You Save: $1.22 (10%)

      Online Price: $10.77


      I absolutely loved the book. I picked the book up on a Saturday evening and started reading it. I finished the book in about 12 hrs with interruptions; I couldn't put it down. Of course I wanted to run out and get the second book, but with my luck, the next day was a holiday and stores were closed! So now I wait for the stores to open to get the next book. The story is similar but different than the "Hunger Games". Regardless of the similarities I am not disappointed. I would still read both series in a heartbeat. The book is absolutely captivating and in my opinion a must read. Great job Veronica.

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      Sookie Stackhouse 8-copy Boxed Set  

      Charlaine Harris

      List Price: $99.90 You Save: $18.19 (18%)

      Online Price: $81.71

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      I loved this series, and I have read all of the books which includes more than this 8 box set. I have read the series three times. If you have seen the show, its nothing like the plot of the books. You could easily read the series and watch the show and not spoil either one. The story is well written in the first person and addictive. I love each of the characters. The book has lots of twists, action, fantacy and intamicy. I think I completed all of the books in about 5 days (with interruptions).

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      House of Night TP boxed set (books 1-4): Marked, Betrayed, Chosen, Untamed  

      P. C. Cast

      List Price: $39.99 You Save: $10.00 (25%)

      Online Price: $29.99

      In stock

      House of night... Love the series. Definitely a different twist on the thought on the birth/death of vampyres. It shows us a different view of the vampyre life and culture. I love the characters. Lots of action, drama, and twists. Shows the power of friendship and truth. Also shows us that we can overcome our fears and teaches us to believe in ourselves. I am anxiously awaiting the release of the 10th book of the series... "Hidden" available in October 2012

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      Fifty Shades Of Grey: Book One Of The Fifty Shades Trilogy  

      E L James

      List Price: $17.95 You Save: $4.50 (25%)

      Online Price: $13.45

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      Hmm... Fifty Shades. As a whole I enjoyed this series. If you heard that it's soft porn; thats true but at least it has a good story to go with it. Throughout several parts of the series I blushed, laughed out loud and was shocked. The first book was captivating but not my fav. The second book blossemed the relationship between the main characters and was likely my fav. The third book also a great read and I loved it but wanted more from the end. Still a great read.

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      Veronica Roth

      List Price: $19.99 You Save: $4.54 (23%)

      Online Price: $15.45

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      Continuation of the first book the "Divergent". I enjoyed this book as much as the first. The thrill seeker will continue to like this series. I find the series has a touch of similarity to the story of "The Village". I am looking forward to the third book.

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      Bared To You: A Crossfire Novel  

      Sylvia Day

      List Price: $16.00 You Save: $0.81 (5%)

      Online Price: $15.19


      Wow... I'm not done reading... only part way through but I am definately loving the book so far. It is arousing and humorous. This book is very similar to "Fifty Shades of Grey" but different. The feminine character has more spice and sex appeal to her which I can relate to more than the female in "fifty shades". The male character is presently more or less like "Mr. Grey"... definitely a must read :D

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